Poor quality with DV camera and Capture/burn to dvd



First off i did my fitst attempt to take some of my video off of my DV camera and burn it on to dvd. The quality flat sucks. What am i doing wrong?

Let me tell you how i did it. First off i used DVD Movie Factory 3.5 Suite Deluxe that came with my pioneer burner start to finish. I did the capture with this program as well. However i did buy a fire wire card and installed into my pc and it works great. Does the quality of the firewire card matter? Mine is a DYNEX brand card that was about 35 bucks at the local best buy.

Video Quality flat sucks when i play it on my home TV. Very grainy and looks over “sharpened”. So what am i doing wrong?? Thanks! :slight_smile:


Did you capture straight to DVD, or did you capture to your hd, then from hd to dvd. If you did capture to hd, did you save the file, and how does it look viewed on your PC.


I captured to my HD. Then burned to DVD. Yes i saved the file, and the quality is fine when viewed on the computer.


Did you capture it as an AVI or as an MPEG file? Did you do any editing? Have you tried any other programs to burn it to DVD to see if there is any difference?


Not sure on the capture. I used DVD Movie Factory 3.5 Suite Deluxe from start to finish. So however it converts it, im not sure. Did not do any video editing. I think its more the program. Any program you suggest that might be better than what i have?


I used the Ulead stuff and it appears the MPEG2 encoder is quite crappy and basic producing a lot of video noise. Try processing it with other software like TMPGENC to compress into MPEG2 and just add it into the compilation on DVDMF


I use adobe premiere, or vegas video, but those are pretty expensive for the casual user. Cmon guys. Come up with some inexpensive solutions here…
You can also check at www.dvdrhelp.com and look at the all in one tools, and the transcoding and burning tools.


I followed the directions on this guide http://www.dvd-guides.com/content/view/33/59/ . But i got lost on step 4. They dont tell you how to get to that screen in step 4. its not in WinDV or TMPGEnc. I have downloaded everything, WINDv and TMPGEnc Their has to be an easier way. :rolleyes: