Poor quality Memorex burn with SOHW-812S

Hi all! Newbie Forum user here looking for some feedback on some DVD burns I recorded yesterday. I purchased the SOHW-812S a couple weeks ago and have been backing up lots of data on DVDs, and even recorded a couple movie backups that seemed to go fine. Last night I burned a movie that consistently froze toward the latter chapters, and I assumed this was because of a poor quality burn.

I burned the same movie twice, once on a Memorex 4x ProDisc DVD at 8x, and also once at 2x on a Memorex 1x CMC DVD.

I’ve attached two K-Probe scans of the resulting burns to this thread. Is it that the media is too cheap? Or that the first burn should have been done slower? Again, I haven’t had any problems with my other burns – this is the first time.

I also need to stick to DVD-R media until bit-setting works with the 812S since I usually watch my DVDs on an Xbox or PS2. Thanks for the help everyone!

And here is the burn at 2x on the 1x media I recorded right after. Better, but still not great, if I’m reading it correctly:

Get some TY DVD-R and/or Maxell made in Japan DVD-R and you will see a lot of improvement.