Poor quality DVD after copy with DVD Shrink & DVD Decrypter

Using DVD Decrypter ( in file mode I copied The Bourne Supremacy DVD using the Liteon 48161H I had installed to my hard drive. After receiving my new Plextor 716A I used DVD Shrink 3.2 in Reauthor mode to extract only the Main Movie Title 1 which shortened by adjusting the Start Frame and End Frames so that I ended with 100% compression. I then selected Backup with Target “… burn with DVD Decrypter” and inserted a blank Verbatim 2x DVD-RW (MCC 01RW11n9). The burn process completed with no errors (see attachment DVDDecrypter.txt), but the verify process failed (see attachment DVD Decrypter Verify IO Error.jpg). When I play back the disk on the 716A or Sony DVD Player I get a bad picture (see sample 1&2 of screen captures) while the audio is perfect.

I installed version DVD Decrypter I have repeated this process using a number of different blank Verbatim disks; 8x DVD-R (MCC 02RG20), 8x DVD+R (MCC-003-00), 4x DVD+RW (MKM A02). I have tried starting with DVD Decrypter picking up the ISO image produced by DVD Shrink with the same result. I have tried using the Full Disk Backup method but improving the compression % by setting the compression to “Still Image” for all files besides the Main Movie with the same result.

My PC is a Fujitsu-Siemens K320, P4 2.6ghz, 1gb, 40gb and 120gb hard disks, WinXP SP2. The Plextor 716A arrived with Firmware V1.04 which I upgraded to the new newest version V1.05. All disk produced were unplayable. I returned the 716A and two weeks later received it back with firmware v1.06. All the actions described here were done using V1.06. I am using DAEMON Tools to provide two virtual DVD-ROM drives.

To confuse matters I used Pinnacle Studio 8 to successfully write home movie to the 4x DVD+RW that plays great, with menus, on my PC and Sony DVD Player. However, when I run the various PlexTools V2.20 tests I get “Hardware Error (code 040803)” (see screen capture) on all the DVDs and even on my kids Disney Interactive CD.

I raised the issue of the quality of the DVD and the hardware errors with the reseller’s techie and he thinks the issue is with my PC and not the 716A as he “tested” the drive before delivery, but can’t explain the hardware error.

Please help as I can’t understand why Studio 8 can successfully create a DVD, but DVD Decrypter can’t and what is the root cause of the Hardware Error.


Further to my original post. The local distributor recently replaced the 716A. I upgraded to 1.08. I have now burnt a number of DVDs (+R and +R/W) with home movie content either directly by Pinnacle Studio 8 or the same movie content but with Pinnacle Studio 8 writing to hard drive and Nero buring the DVD. The DVD plays great on my PC (Media Player Classic) and Sony DVD Player. However, when I burn the movie ripped by DVD Decrypter as explained in the original post I get the same poor quality picture.

What else can I try? The problem only seems to be when writing a copy of a movie DVD.


The only thing I can see is that you’re using SPTI as the interface for DVD Decrypter( Tools->settings->I/O).
Try Aspi as this is what most would use I think. Nero would use it’s own ASPI layer.

Hope this is useful.

Please, do not use ASPI, especially not Adaptec ASPI.

another thing…

Run the disc through Nero CD/DVD speed or using the Plextools to create a disc quality graph and post that up.

Thanks for the prompt responses. As requested I did the following tests using Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.00 and Berbatim Datalife 2x DVD-RW. The number also refers to the number at the start of the attached screen capture.
1 - Created data disk
2 - Disk info shows MID=MCC 01RW11n9
3 - Erased disk using CD-DVD Speed, then used Shrink with option to create image and burn with DVDDecrypter with no errors. Then back into CD-DVD Speed and ran Transfer Rate Test.
4 - Into Plextools Profession V2.20 and ran PI/PO test.

What I didn’t upload is result of CD-DVD Speed’s Speed Scan. It is 100% Good after both data disk created and movie burnt.

What I find interesting is that the transfer rate graph after the create data disk shows speed of 2.01 whereas the transfer rate graph after the Shrink&DVDDecrypter movie copy shows speed of 4.99 climbing to 11.48 when the error is encountered. Note, this same error is encountered during the Plextools PI/PO test and I get it during the DVDDecrypter verify if verify is enabled.