Poor Quality Copy

I have been trying to back up a two hour music DVD using CloneDVD and AnyDVD with my Plextor PX-708A. The source disc is perfect, however the copy seems to break up into pixels in areas in any fast screen action. I have turned off as much background programs as I can find and I am down to using 1X copy speed on 2X media even, with limited success. Has anyone ever encountered this and discovered how to avoid/fix it?
Thanks, Neal.

The problem is that when doing a transcode, if the compression gets too heavy, the quality gets kind of poor. These blocks you are seeing in faster scenes are called artefacts.

If you do a transcode with CloneDVD, you can choose to leave parts of the disc off. It may be a good idea to elimate all parts of the disc you don’t need/want. So if there are various audio tracks on the disc, just pick the ones you need. Leave off the extra’s, multiple angle views etc etc. The more you leave off, the better the qaulity of the transcode will be.
In CloneDVD there’s an indicator bar that shows how the quality will be. Make sure you don’t go over 40% compression (slider at 60%) or you will suffer from a heavy quality loss.

If you want to keep more aspects of the DVD, you might want to check other prorgams, like DVDShrink (with deep analysis mode, nice results can be achieved) or even a complete reencode (if you happen to have Cinema Craft Encoder you can make a full backup with a very good image quality!)…

So euh… let us know what you’re up to, so we can help you!

Thanks Dee-ehn! I wondered what that slider bar in CloneDVD was all about. So when you say leave parts of the disc off you mean like the 5.1 surround sound, not actual songs, right?
Can I run DVD shrink while I have CloneDVD and AnyDVD without conflicts?
As far as encoding it looks like I have a lot more to learn and many more coasters to make but I have come (IMO) a long way since I found this site.
Thanks again, Neal.

Things to consider to leave off are:

  • extra’s (interviews, making of etc etc)
  • additional sound tracks (for example, a DTS is a giant space hog)
  • multiple angles (only keep the main angle)

DVDShrink can be used on a computer running CloneDVD/AnyDVD without any problems.

Reencoding takes some more efforts and time. First, you have to know what to do (but wel can help you with that) and it’s quite a job for your system. It will take a couple of hours and it really depends on the speed of your system…

reencoding with CCE is my option of choice when the situation allows it (ie: the structure of the dvd isn’t too complicated when trying to do a full backup). u’ll get far greater quality with CCE than with any of the transcoders, especially at low/lower bitrates.

I was just reading a Shrink DVD tutorial. You people really reply fast. Thanks! I know that when I copied the original with CloneDVD I did add the check mark to the DTS box because I thought it was supposed to be the best sound. I’ll have to try the Shrink program and see how it goes.
CCE, eh? Is that in the Shrink program? I better do some more reading.
Thanks, Dee-ehn and AZImmortal.

Now that I check the original DVD in CloneDVD the slider is only at 51%. I guess that would explain the heavy artifacting. Thing is I don’t really want to take anything off or know what to take off with out messing things up too much…I’ll be back!
Thanks again, Neal.

Ok, we have to compress the information from the source disc so that it will fit on to our copy disc. If it all fits on the source disc why won’t it fit on the copy disc? Puzzling. I have been up all night at work so I think I’ll go catch some sleep. Later.
Thanks, Neal.

the source disc is dual-layered and has twice the capacity of the single-layered recordable dvds that we currently have.

CCE is the “Cinema Craft Encoder” that Dee-ehn mentioned. in order to use it for backing up dvds, u’d basically need to break the dvd files down into their components, reencode the video with CCE, then put it all back together. if the structure of the dvd is fairly “normal” (which is the majority of dvds), there are programs that can automate the process for u. u should check out doom9, which has lots of dvd backup guides using CCE.