Poor quality burns with iHAS124 D

I have a iHAS124 D w/ 8L0A firmware. I use Verbatim MKM-001-00, and Taiyo Yuden 000-T02-00. I get excellent results with the DVD 5’s and with the Verbatim’s I get poor results with 2.4X burns. Is there a patch or something that I can use to burn these discs at 8X with this burner? I also use ImgBurn to burn Them.


I should also note that I have a iHAP122 9 w/ 6L0H, and a iHDP118 4 w/ GL06.

Hi what program you using to burn your dual layers ? as I have good results , weirdly I get bad results burning dvdr 5’s


Enable the drive’s ‘Overspeed’ option and burn them at 4x.

You’d get better results with MKM-003-00 though I expect.

well theres an experts answer above , was going to say if using igmburn try turning on and off the various options in advanced mode.

Can I ask what blanks and speed u burn at to get good results with dvdr 5 ?

also when I did a few test I burnt a few dual layers in safe mode and this did reduce the scores down but not by much , best bet would be to look at various setting people have got good results from burning xbox360 games and using them

you could try burning in safe mode to see if theres anything pulling down your burns I gues. at least it would eliminate things

I have MKM-003’s now, still get bad burns with various different burners, I use Taiyo for the 5’s…

ok try changing some options in the advanced tab by right of the speed and write speed check box , then go to liteon , I use these

FHT enabled And all the rest default also make sure you clear opc each write I also have perform opc before write enabled

try doing a burn in safe mode and see how that does