Poor quality burns (Sony DW-D56A)

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony DW-D56A. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I am using DVDFAB Gold with a Sony DW-D56A PDS7 burner. Previously I ran into burn problems with nero and decided to take a different route. I used DVDFAB trial to rip to dvd9 then i recoded to fit target (dvd5) with nero. I have used this method without problems but it started taking 6 hours instead of its usual 2 hrs (DMA is on), also after the burn the movie plays very poorly (pixelates and freezes every few seconds). I moved into another direction, which was to pay for the Gold version of DVDFAB and to use an all in one rip/burn program. I am very satisfied with my chioce, since it only takes an avg. of hour and a half to rip/burn a dvd now. So, the problem is that after i compress the dvd to dvd5 the quality is not as good as it was with nero ( resolution is significantly reduced ). This is only when movies are shrunk below 80%, which was not the case when i used nero (when it was working propertly). The movie also pixelates and freezes, however it seems to be happening only towards the end of the movie (around the same place). I usually keep my hdd at 50%, defrag/clean disk/cclean regularly. I’m using an old laptop Dell Inspiron 5160 pentium 4ht 512m 70g hhd… Any help would be greatly appreciated…:bow:

I’m trying to update my firmware to the latest one. Does any one know if it matters what computer the burner is attached to in respect to the firmware? I have a Sony DVD DW D56A burner on a Dell Inspiron 5160 and i found firmware for Sony DVD DW D56A for a Dell XPS. Would that be compatible with my Inspiron?:confused:

The firmware is installed into the DVD burner. Not the computer.

Try a rip to the HD compressed to dvd5 size.Then watch that movie on your PC from the HD.
If it still pixelates & freezes then the problem is in the rip.
If it plays well then the problem may be in the burn to disc.
If you have more than one settop player & television .Does the bad copy do this on all of them?
If not can you test this on a friends TV ?
Last have you changed the media (disc type) you use?

Skipping and freezing near the end of a DVD-5 SL disc is a classic symptom of poor media quality but can also have other causes such as burning too fast, mechanical wobble in the drive platter and others. Try what cholla suggested to know for sure.

slim dvd writer is the problem.

do you have a desktop pc?

Laptops are not recommended for using to make back ups of DVDs. Lower burn speed to 4x and get some good quality media like verbatim or Taiyo Yuden

Thank you all for your quick replies, I will try what cholla suggests and get back to you all with the results. Oh, I guess i should og asked my firmware question more throughly. Is firmware made for the burner alone, or is it made for the burner to work compatible on a specific system? So if the firmware is for the same burner on a Dell XPS (faster) as is for an Dell Inspiron (slower), will it work for both?
Sorry, i’m not that educated in firmware…

Oh, and I been burning on this slim dvd writer for years now without a problem. I’m burning at 2x (2,770), which is the fastest it will let me. Is there a way to set the burn speed higher on this, or is that max for dvd burning on this burner? I used verbatim 16x dvd-r and sony 16x dvd-r. I rarely had problems with sony and when I ran out i bought a 100 cake of verbatim 16x dvd-r. I burned 50 without any problems, so I don’t think its the disks. I also bought the sonys to test if its the media and I got the pixelating in almost the same place as with verbatims.

I would purchase yourself an external DVD drive and use that to burn with as 2x burn is too slow for the media you are using. The slowest should be 4x but for the verb and sony 8x or 12x should be good.