Poor picture quality on dvd-r when playback on TV

My problem is a burned Nero Photo show onto a DVD+R plays fine on my computer dvd, but when played on a dvd player through my TV the picture quality is bad. The pictures look distorted, squigly (?), blurry.

Any help would be great.


Welcome to the forum. How are you connecting your DVD player to your tv? If you are simply using composite video (yellow RCA plug) this might be the source of you problem. If your tv has S-Video or component (RGB RCA plugs) inputs try these instead as the video quality is greatly enhanced.

Thank you…thank you… I checked the yellow rca plug and it was just a little loose. pictures look great now!.. If I was to do the s-video, you said my quality can even be better?

Thanks again!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: …yes S-Video is better and component is best but not all tellys (sorry, tvs…Aussie slang) have this- only newer ones.
Enjoy your slide shows. :bigsmile: