Poor Performance and CRC errors

It takes me about 20-25 min to burn a 4.3GB DVD+R disc. In addition I get about 400 Burn Proof corrections. When reading from the disc I get CRC errors…

I have a ECS motherboard w/ AMD 1800+ setup and 512 mb of ram. The 80 conductor cable is installed on both the hard drives and on the DVD burner. There are 2 hard drives connected to ide channel 1 and dvd burner on channel 2. The drive’s jumper is set to master and I use Plextor Professional to burn. I am running Win2k SP4.

My system, says the drive is a PIO Mode 4 with DMA/66… When burning in Plextor Professional I can see the drive buffer go down to red then green then red and green… software buffer does not budge

how do you check what mode the drive is running in the O/S? In older version you had to check off DMA mode in device manager.

Any1 can help me, desperatly need to backup my hard drive as it is corrupted … never will buy hitachi drives again (I had the drive for like 3 months)

That’s definately your problem; I’m sure you have very high CPU usage when you use the drive as well.

Usually you can enable DMA in the ATA controller section. If you can’t, check your bios settings.


thanks for the quick reply. That worked!!!

-siu lung