Poor overal site design

The old one was better. Just look at all this wasted space on a 1280X1024 display!

Are you guys TRYING to keep people from replying? All that spacing and “related” content is unwanted. If you must put it in put it below the comment reply box or something. Or better yet give us the ability to disable it in user prefs.

I’ve only checked the new site out once or twice . . . it doesn’t seem too bad.

Hi :slight_smile:
Maybe have a poll. :iagree:
I feel an oportunity was lost when changing over. :stuck_out_tongue: :doh:
But each to their own. :bigsmile: :iagree:

Thanks for the feedback guys, we appreciate it. Afterall with your feedback we can improve things. From what you are saying I understand that you do not like the related content boxes? Does it also mean that they make the react button dissapear so you can hardly find it?

Do you dislike the related content totally or would you prefer it on another place? If you have more suggestions then please let me know. We will all seriously consider them and change them as long as we are able too!