Poor old ripit's kind of screwed (ebay sell help)

Ok so I’m not going to have a career as a gunsmith (keept telling myself that but I never believed it). Long story short, after a degree from a state college in gunsmithing and a few years working as one), good bye carere (THANKS WALMART), long story short, I’m completlly screwed!!! I’m not talking about the the 50 grand in student loans we now owe!!! We still have some deferal left (as in we are screwed, delaying the4 inevatable).
So I need help selling on ebay. Ebay sellers used to get items from our stores all the time, but not anymore. Most deals are crap, I see the few that arn’t (or mistakes like curling irons for 1.00$, I need help selling some cheap crap (help selling itr myself would be fine). I have to make a living and without a se4cond income…
ebay it is…

Either say its haunted, or say that a celebrity owned it. You can sell just about anything on ebay with the descripition of either one of those suggestions, and hordes of morons will want to buy it for large sums of money. However, if you say something is haunted, be sure to include the ghost story.

Hmmm … any current PC hardware will easily sell well above it’s retail price (thank the lord for idiots) … just start it low :wink:
Set a “buy it now” price $5 above newegg … and no worries … morons will bid above the “Buy it now” price … rather than just “buy it now”.

Optical drives are a great way to go :wink: And since you belong to a collective of optical drive knowledge … you’ll buy the cheapest and sell it for massive amounts … nah, j/k :wink:

thats kind of what I was hopeing for. Of course I am pretty good at finding deals, occationally at least. I just got 2 targus laser mice that retail for 50$, for 2.50 each (office depot items that went beyond the final stage 4 clearance without getting sent back). A few optical drives wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I could get one when on sale cheap with free shipping and see what it sells for.
The main thing I’m not sure about is how to list on ebay, and how to present it so that it has a good chance of selling. I wouldn’t imagine that it would be too hard though.

Ebay have a whole bunch of tools, I believe, that will help you set it out.

But of course, it helps if you demo how you want it to look in word/powerpoint before jumping in and sticking it on ebay.