Poor me, Poor you



Behold! I need attention! Behold! You need it too!

Otherwise you would never click on this very weird thread, that explains nothing, but yet makes you curious as hell. Still reading?

Poor me. Pouring all of my emotions on the internet as if there is noone to listen and speak to anymore in the real world.

Poor you. Reading all that junk of all my emotions on the internet. Doesn’t he have anyone to talk to in the real world?

Poor me. Reading all your crap about how dissatisfying your life is while you are on the other side of the planet. I envy you and you envy me.

Poor you. Talking all that crap about how dissatisfying my life is. You there on the other side of the planet. Why envy me and why should i envy you?

Is it real, is it pityness, is it because you want to feel better for yourself or is it because you care about people on the internet. Then why don’t you care about the real people in the world? Oh sorry, you do? My apologies.

Is it self-awareness, is it growth or do you need to be reminded of your own created invidivualism every frequent hour? Do you really hunger for someone’s opinion? Even if that opinion sucks? Do you? Still reading?



sorry i lost you after the title :slight_smile:


Is it that time of the year again Mr. B.? :wink:


What time of the year? :wink:


Is it attention that drew me here? I percieved it to have been curiosity.

Since when has an outpouring of emotions been considered cheap? They enriched the one who has lightened their load. The outpouring is of no load to those who read your words and feel, for they perhaps have been in a similar situation and have pulled through and now have the knowlege to aid those laden. And feelings of being alone (noone to listen and speak to anymore) are common among many many people these days. It is an incorrect perception as there is always someone there, even though at times it may not feel like it.
I do not feel poorer for reading your words, since they have infact been the catalyst for thought. And to consider someones emotions as ‘junk’ would be quite callouse of me, and if I ever did so I would ask your forgiveness. There is not many things more precious than a bared soul.

We shouldn’t envy each other, for our lives, possessions and our very selves are shaped by our surroundings and experiences (among other influences) and this defines us as unique individuals. Perhaps we do share some similar traits or habits, but we are still unique and thus experience life differently. So life for one even under similar circumstances may not be unbearable.

Speaking for myself, the only one I can truly speak for, I find that I have grown affectionate of some people who I have met on the internet as I do with the people I interact with in the real world. As such I care when they question or are in pain in it’s many guises. I would like to say that I care for all, however I’m not sure it’s possible for anyone to care for each and every person on this planet we call earth. The pain and fear’s associated with each person on this earth is more than one would be able to bear.

Being me reminds me of my individualism during all my waking moments. In regards to anothers opinion; opinions are nice for the attention that they bring. people by being people crave attention sometimes, during those times even a negative opinion is attention. of course an opinion that is uplifting is nicer still, but these are rarely given for no reason. As to be expected, one has to earn them which is fair enough.

Greetings and salutations, my friend.


reads in amazement and is impressed

Note to self: Not all of humanity is lost :slight_smile:



Mr. B i didn’t know you had such strong feelings for your keyboard

poor me : I smashed my keyboard so many times i’m still picking up keys from my last love hmmmmm she had black keys, i like this one better she has slim keys and lights up maybe i won’t smash it so soon.




Nymac are you implying B-man has a keyboard fetisch? :bigsmile:


hehehe nah i just think he needs someone real to talk to ehh like a warm body or somtin :bigsmile:


Sorry mate, but i politely decline your invitation :slight_smile:

I’d rather have a warm female body to talk to … or something. :bigsmile:


you felt as if i was inviting you?..see what the net has done to you poor you :bigsmile:


nice comeback :bigsmile:


hehehe :bigsmile: