Poor DVD-RW PIE Scan in Plextools

I have some Fuji 2x DVD-RW’s I use for file backup purposes occasionally. I’m going to be changing my burn strategy by using PgcEdit to save a finished DVD-Video image to ISO and then burning to DVD with Img Tool Classic (so that the backup files are saved properly with 32k spacing). I saved my first image to DVD-RW using this method and was curious to see what the Plextools PIE scan of the DVD-RW would look like after burning with my 716a.The results were rather poor (avg 10.3 PIE) with the scan runnning in the 40’s across the length of the scan. This was the worst PIE scan I’ve seen so far with the 716a. Most, if not all of my other scans with TY and Verbatim media have averaged less than .5 PIE and less than 10 across the scan. Is DVD-RW media typically worse for quality scans than non RW? This result was kinda surprising. :confused: Thanks!

In my experience DVD+/-RW media are not even close in burn quality to the best +R and -R media.

Judging from burns on my two drives of Verbatim and Ricoh +RW and -RW media, you should count yourself lucky if you can keep your PIF maximum below 4 (PIFs are more important then PIEs). At least two times I have made “coasters” because I didn’t do a full erase before writing on DVD+RW and DVD-RW (both Verbatim).

Lol PIE below 40 is still very good! The standards indicate that PIE should not be higher than 280. If it goes above that value then you need to start worrying, not below that, especially when it’s around 40. I agree with DrageMester though, the PIF values are more important. They should not be higher than 4. Some spikes are usually not a problem, only with real picky drives.