Poor dvd playback

Hi, Im new here and wanted some expert advice please.
i have just purchased a new dell pc, quite a high spec with DVD rom and dvd rw. When i play a dvd through it, i was quite disappointed with the playback quality. Im not sure if its the monitor (dell 20" widescreen) but when i play a hd sample clip, the quality is amazing. Is there some setting to improve the dvd playback quality?
Any advice or tips much appreciated !!

What exactly is the problem? Poor picture quality, or slow playing? If it isn’t the actual source DVD, try another program, or the same DVD on another computer…

Sorry wasnt specific enough, dvds all play fine in dvd player and crt tv. In fact they are quite good on laptop but on the new dell desktop they are a bit blurry, not what i would expect. I have tried downloading a hd clip to test the monitor and this plays really well, just the dvd playback is blurry, almost seems as if the screen doesnt refresh quick enough or have the resolution.

Try viewing them with Videolan, or PowerDVD

Thanks for that, tried Power dvd and it did seem a bit better, but the picture is still a bit jerky…Maybe thats as best as it gets! I dont get it, maybe i’m asking too much. The hd playback is very good though.

Hm, it could be the data rate between the DVD drive and your computer…

Try making a CD Image of the DVD… Using DVD Shrink, backup the DVD to an ISO image, and load that image onto a virtual drive.

Play that and see if it’s still the same problem.

Thanks thats sounds like a good idea !!! Will try that and let you know later