Poor downloads on kazaa



Has kazaa just turned into a hub for viruses now or are the files people are uploading just crap? Recently, the music I have downloaded has either said it’s some exorbitant amount of time, like 24 minutes, or has started off fine, then became all distorted and…just horrible. What’s going on? Am i downloading a bunch of viruses? or blank files? or what? Thanks


technicality–i’m using kazaa lite k++ if that makes a difference


Has kazaa just turned into a hub for viruses

Nope, its always been like that

or are the files people are uploading just crap


Am i downloading a bunch of viruses? or blank files? or what?

Its more than likely

I suggest you download a program called Azureus (google search) and get using some of the bit torrent sites


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Unfortunately, Kazaa is likely one of the most targeted file sharing networks for fake and dodgy content. With the regular Kazaa program being seriously infected with spyware and Kazaa Lite being difficult to get hold of, it seems that as former members continue to leave it, the amount of fake content gets more concentrated :confused:

I generally have no issue with Limewire for content and also seems to run fairly quick. So far this is one of the few P2P software available that does not contain any spyware, ads or banners, although it does show up a nag screen upon each launch asking if you wish to upgrade to Limewire Pro.

Unfortunately all P2P networks have fake content to some extent, for example if one shares a common folder between several P2P applications they use and download a fake file off one network (without realising it), then that fake file is effectively shared on the other networks also.

Probably the best way to avoid fake content is to use a utility that scans content as it comes in such as MP3-Shield and also only download music with an MP3 or M4A (MPEG-4 unprotected) extension. Most WMA files on these networks are either fake or are music ripped from Windows Media Player, which uses WMA with DRM by default (up to version 9).


Ok just to be nice if you have good connection speed {dsl,cable,t1,t3 e.t.c}
use are program call www.revconnect.com but if you have dail up use shareaza
http://www.shareaza.com/?id=download <-------- you get it there.

as for karaza WTF :rolleyes: did you just get the first peer 2 peer program that you saw {sorry about that i just hate it} yea karaza is just one big big big virus and trojan and the addware that come’s with it even the spyware.

the 2 program’s i said are all addware free and spyware {i havent used it in so so long just scan it to be save} and are the best that i found.

o yea no peer point’s to wtf is with that peer point’s anyway.


go here http://www.klitetools.com/MM/index.htm

download klt k++ 2.7.0

install it, in the tools run mp3shield and it will help you with bs files.


don’t record companies put out fake files on p2p networks to discourage people from downloading, so they just go bugger it, i’ll go buy it instead?


That is correct. :wink: The music inudstry figures that if they cannot shut down the network, then why not frustrate those who download their music. Going by the news, it actually looks like Macrovision is mainly behind flooding Kazaa with dodgy fake content and they have even unveild their latest protection recently named Hawkeye to further disrupt file sharing.

Generally the simplest way to avoid fake content is by using a tool that monitors files as they download and warns about any suspicious content, e.g. MP3-Shield.

I see quite a lot people claiming their P2P network gives the best (one may say Kazaa Lite, another says iMesh Light, etc.), but in my opinion performance does seem to very a lot depending on the Internet Connection. For example DirectConnect works very well if you have fast uplink and downlink (>1Mb), but not well if you cannot accept incoming connections or use a modem.

Here is my opinion about the different P2P networks I have tried (again, this will vary with other users, as my current ISP does not accept incoming connections): Shareaza generally finds very few results, although they are quite reliable. Kazaa lite finds a moderate number of results with a good portion either fake, busy or very slow. Limewire finds a lot of results with a good portion of them working and of decent speed. WinMX also generally finds a lot of results, with the majority of results busy or unreachable (requires listening ports). iMesh Light finds a moderate number of results with most results working and of decent speed. eMule generally finds the most results, with very few that work (may require listening port also).


thanks everyone. about kazaa being a virus hub…i guess i didn’t think that one through to well huh. haha. I was just frustrated that when trying multiple times to download a new song, not one worked. More on the mp3 shields…do they just let you know if a file is bad, or does it stop the download? Also is that something that works in conjunction with kazaa lite? or is that something that runs inside kazaa lite? i suppose i should download version 2.7.0 as klitetools suggested and that would have it. Is that a fairly reliable screener? Sorry about all of the questions, I’m just trying to figure out what would work best for me. My computer’s already deathly slow and i think that kazaa is not helping at all. My only question is is it a virus…but my scan doesn’t pick anything up. I’m using a cable modem btw, someone asked about that.


is the free avg virus scanner a good enough scanner?


AVG is a very good scanner, that doesn’t use up lots of resources like all the commercial ones. Use in conjunction with Spybot S&D (free spyware removal) and Sygate Person Firewall (free firewall) for a very stable system.

Back to P2P, anyway, if you want reliable downloads from Kazaa Lite, leave the Auto Search More option on for a long time, so that loads of search results appear. When choosing downloads, look at the bandwidth, usernames and filenames and after a while you will learn to spot the fakes, click on a few that look promising. Also make use of the advanced search options, and filter out any files of a size less than 3mb.


is the free avg virus scanner a good enough scanner?

some say yes some say no, I am one of them that say no think about it…
it is free what program that is free work’s better then one’s you paid for?
if you say that free one’s are better show me.
i say zonealarm with antivirus or norton 2005 they are the best one’s i found.


Generally the majority of virus checkers all do the main job of keeping out viruses assuming their definitions are up to date and this includes the free editions such as AVG Personal Ed., AntiVir personal edition and Avast Home Edition.

The personal free editions do lack many features of their big brothers and also are licensed only for home use on a single PC. A few free editions such as Avast requires free registration within the first 30 or 60 days to avail of continuous updates.

Generally the free checkers (including AVG) will check files placed on the PC, before opening, perform a scheduled scan and check incoming and outgoing E-mail. The drawback I find is that most do not automatically update their definitions unless the PC is left online overnight, although all of them can easily be updated manually (Double-click the AV tasktray icon and click on ‘Update’).

The pay virus checkers such as the professional versions tend to offer better features, give free technial support, check for other unwanted content such as Spyware and so on. Just beware that Norton charges around $30 for telephone technical support in the US.

In my experience, the AVG free edition I seems to have very little affect on system’s performance and even when copying copies, but with the exception of when it is running a full scan. I seen McAfee and Norton cause performance issues on some PCs, especially when installing software or copying data. This is probably because the more sophisticated virus checkers do a lot more other checks.

Just bewarned that the majority virus checkers (whether free or pay) will not dodgy music (fake, adware infected, etc.) unless they contain an actual virus.


Linux, XviD, EAC, Firefox and hundreds of other programs.


:iagree: with Mr. Horse.


well i use maxthon firefox sucks {sorry but it does each to there own}

i use mandrake the paid ver of linux {p.s more tools}

and i use zonealarm paided for


i used to use maxthon and think firefox is FAR superior (i even donated to maxthon at one point). i would use SuSE 64bit if i ran linux. zonealarm holds your hand too much but good for those that need hand holding :p. free alternatives like sygate personal firewall and kerio firewall free version are superior in functionality and control than ZA.


Yeah I was thinking of switching from ZoneAlarm to Sygate, ZoneAlarm seems to make my system slightly unstable.


drpino ok man let me put it this way for you…

I NEED TO BE HELD :iagree: na just joking yea i tryed fire fox just cant get the speed out of it like maxthon as for the zone alarm thing yea it does hold your hand but is good for to use but i am going to look at the program. Just might be better. :iagree:


to each his/her own…no problems here :iagree: …just try and avoid making broad-sweeping generalizations like “because you pay for it, it has to be better than free” :wink: