Poor DL media or maybe poor software instead?

Does software matters, when writing double layers DVDs?
My software for DL media has been ImgBurn.

I’m not aware how burning software and drive negotiate with each other about best write strategy but obviously they should do that.

I used happily ImgBurn and DL Mitsubishi MKM-003-00 for 2 years, which occurred to be the same media as Verbatim but cheaper. Until my supplier, a dedicated DVD duplication office, stopped supplying this media few month ago and I was suggested a RITEK-S04-66.
Ritek media had been bought repeatedly in quantities by same users and there is no other explanation, that this media is good too.

But I can write with ImgBurn only Verbatim and everything else fails.
I have checked unsuccessfully CMC, Ricoh, Ritek …
Is it really a bad media or maybe instead a software limitation to handle drives capabilities properly??? It’s hard to believe that 90% of DL media is crap.

My main burners have been Opti 7240S 2 drives and several other manufacturer models including Plextor and now I’m waiting arrival of Pioneer DVR-S19L to check it :-).

Ritek DL media is not consistently good. The S04 variety has a better reputation than some of their earlier mid codes, but it is still not in the same class as the MKM-001 or MKM-003 disks.

You have the latest firmware for your Optiarc drives? I’m a little surprised that you are having no success with them and the S04 disks, as Optiarcs are usually very good with DL burns.

ImgBurn is the best program for DL burns.

The only other DL media that is recommended around here, other than the Verbatim disks, are the DL disks made by FTI (Falcon brand). For example: http://www.supermediastore.com/product/u/fti-falcon-media-pro-white-inkjet-hub-printable-8x-dvd-plus-r-double-layer-50-pack?brand=FTI&max=15&offset=0

A few generalizations to spark a few more questions:

Different drives handle different models of media better than other drives, and some drives are known to handle DL discs better than other drives.

Generally, Verbatim/MKM DL disc models are most compatible, in comparison to Ritek, CMC, and Ricoh disc models.

Ritek usually makes its own disc models, which aren’t great, but can be OK with the right drive. Ricoh DL disc models made by certain manufacturers are okay, but if made by Ritek, they can be equal to the normal Ritek media. There also exist fake Ricoh discs that are of a lower quality than these, even (using only the Ricoh disc model names to be “more compatible”)

CMC’s own disc models are usually regarded as being of a lower quality than Verbatim, also. But when CMC produces media for Verbatim using Verbatim/MKM technology, the discs usually come out with a decent quality.

Older Pioneer drives (before and up to the DVR-116 or DVR-216) seem to do really well with DL media, as do a number of Optiarc models. Some LiteOn drives handle lower quality media well. It truly varies.

Write speed may also come into play here. Writing at a little under the maximum speed sometimes helps if you have writing errors. But this cannot make up for bad media.

[edit: typed before I knew Kerry was going to post above me. His words are wise. :iagree:]

Thanks for the media link - but unfortunately from USA to Europe seldom anyone ships or shipment is too costly.

Nowadays IT specialist spectrum is far too wide for me to be professional on every branch. Please take my apologies when I’m wrong.

As told I’m still working to gather some more wisdom and facts.
But right now, when technically I had failed with other media tests and I was ready to switch to more expensive Verbatim…
My DL media supplier pointed me the fact, that other customers are buying this media repeatedly in bigger quantities, then obviously problem is not the media but my software and burners. When I mentioned ImgBurn to this duplicator company guy, he suggested to forget it. Now my task is to find out the truth if any.
Clearly Verbatim is the standard most easy to write, but does this means that all other branches are less reliable. when written with suitable strategy? Somehow situation, when retail channels are full of DL media not capable to be written properly feels absurd and if true, these manufacturers should have finished in bankrupt years ago.

For lower reliability I use DL disks only for video and for data remains normal DVD+R.

I have usede ImgBurn 2 functions: for building a DL image and writing from mds. That’s all and I’m not sure how good ImgBurm really is in second task.
I understand that ImgBurm main benefit for me is capability to pick layer break occur between content change, if that exists. And there is no other burning soft supporting this function.
AFAIK ImgBurn isn’t designed for data disk burning and there has to be other writer software anyway.

PS. I understand that there is not any single answer. All opinions are welcomed!

Distributors of FTI Falcon media: http://www.falconrak.com/agents_and_distributors.html By the way, the FTI disks you want are the hub printable DL +R, since they use the 2P method of manufacturing (the same as Verbatim).

We’ve seen DL media problems since they were first introduced. Experience over that time has shown that the 2P method of manufacturing has produced better disks, more compatible with the vast majority of drives. Writing strategies for 2P don’t work for the disks made with the inverse stack manufacturing process, and only in the last few years have some of the drives had adequate support in the firmware for these IS disks.

Here is an explanation of the manufacturing processes: http://www.duplication.ca/falcon/DVD+R%20DL%20IS%20vs%202P.pdf

ImgBurn works perfectly well for data burns to DL media. I’m not sure where you got the impression that it won’t. Some people are evidently dismissive of ImgBurn since it is a free program, but don’t let that fool you. It is a very capable burning program.

ImgBurn doesn’t have a browser like interface to choose folders with size displayed like Nero or CDBurner XP. The folder size is essential, when composing daily backup or work CD/DVD’s and also easy browsing in added folders to find content what takes too much space and therefore doesn’t fit there this time. :slight_smile: In a word - that’s GUI why these are my daily burners and to ImgBurn I switch only when there comes a DL job.

[QUOTE=0ssy;2576107]ImgBurn doesn’t have a browser like interface to choose folders with size displayed like Nero or CDBurner XP.[/QUOTE]

Clearly you’ve missed the Advanced input method in Build mode then.