Poor choice in media?

Hi everyone. Purchased a Benq 1620 yesterday and the first dvd movie backup I made will not play in my JVC XV-N44 standalone, but plays fine in my lite-on DVD drive(PC). Used the trials of clonedvd and anydvd. Just wondering if its the media I bought (princo 4x bulk w/ white top)?

Update your firmware to G7P9. Your drive is scanning for PIF errors right now. That’s why your score is “n/a”.

That and Princo sucks donkeyballs. No shortage of people who have had Princo DVD-R that have failed them after less than 2 years of use.

Ya, I can’t believe that I bought this media after all that I have read on this site. Stupid. Hey, do you guys think that I should go with the B7T9 firmware instead of the G7P9?

:bigsmile: LOL… that could be Taiyo Yuden’s new slogan.

EDIT: I posted my 1000th post replying to a post about donkeyballs.:smiley:

Arn’t you being a little generous and fogiving in your description of princo? I even tried using them as coasters and the damn things disintegrated and my table got all wet from condensation. Princos don’t even deserve the privilege of sucking donkeyballs!!!

Hey ripit…

They are pretty good for skeet practice!!! :bigsmile:

Okay, flashed drive w/ B7T9 firmware, backed up another movie- this one actually plays on the JVC XV-N44.

Well… you’re ok as far as PIE, but at the end of the disc you have hump that goes above the acceptable limit for PIF’s(16 for BenQ- where the screen turns red). So you will more than likely have problems at the end.

Hmmm. Well, could someone explain this? I re-scanned the 1st disc I burned and got the following scan. Question: why the _ won’t this disc play in my JVC when it appears to have a better “score” than the last one? Or am I missing something?

There are a bunch of variables in scans. So it isn’t surprising. I bet you could do 5-10 scans of the same disc and get different results each time. The general consensus though is that Princo are definitely lacking in quality standards and you should move on to something else. :wink:

Why are you not doing scans of fully burnt disc’s? I believe you get better results, well maybe thats not the right word, but a better idea of how the disc behaves when it’s a full burn.



lol… i got 300 off those donkeyballs. however i have found that they burn fairly well with ld v2 b6 on the nec 3500 @12x

Don’t put anything important on them. I have actually gotten a fair share of princos to burn and kprobe resonably well but that is not the only thing to consider. Quality control is very inconsistant with these disks so you have to scan every single disk. They also have bad problems with dye fading and just plain going bad. Some people have had disks that have burned and scanned good that were unreadable within weeks (I have had a few of those myself). On the flip side, I have princos that are a couple of years old that still play fine. You just never know what you are going to get for burn quality and or longevity. They are very inconsistant.
Opps, just realized that you mean you got 300 ty, not 300 princo, but the warning still goes for princo.