Poor CD-R burn quality with DW1640?

I burned a Ritek (TDK) 48x CD-R at full speed using BSJB and WOPC enabled and got a 96% score on Nero (scanned at 24x using the same drive).
I hope I have given enough information for you to answer my question.

[li]The C1 and jitter seem very high to me; what do you think? My ASUS E616P2 can not even scan the disc; it keeps looping at 2 minutes in.
[/li][li]What is the best speed to burn at, to get a good balance between quality and speed?
[/li][li]Is it true that you have to eject and reinsert a disc before scanning it with this drive?

General Information
Drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1640
Firmware: BSJB
Disc: Data CD
Selected speed: 24 X
C1 errors
Maximum: 28
Average: 2.18
Total: 10218
C2 errors
Maximum: 0
Average: 0.00
Total: 0
Maximum: 28.0 %
Average: 17.02 %
Scanning Statistics
Elapsed time: 5:06
Number of samples: 4675
Average scanning interval: 1.01 sec
Glitches removed: 0

Try some other discs see what results you get, also try the drive in another system see if that makes any difference. As TDK discs are usually quite good, also make sure you have the latest firmware.

I find that these cdr’s burn at the best quality at 16X on this particular drive so I stick to that speed.

haha 16x, the last time i burned @16x was back in 1999 with a TDK 16x CD-RW…your funny

I have a Plextor Premium and I usually burn CDs @24x max.
The time difference between 24x and 52x is ridiculous and the writing quality is much better @24x.

TY unbranded 48X burnt 48 X pn the 1640
I like the results.
I used both LT 167T and Benq 1640 to scan the disk.

adonisck : Try burning at 24X or 32X with your media.
I don’t know how well Asus CD-Rom are supported in CD Speed


To Cd Scan you use 4x with Lite-On and 16x with BenQ 1460, 4x Lite-On and 8x BenQ if you use Dvd.

Some Cd scan go here : http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=145030