Poor CD Printing Quality

I had purchased a HP Photosmart C5288 which was a C5280. I am trying to print my own designs on a CD but the print quality is very poor. I am printing on a label. also i am using a Raxio Express Labeler which comes with my printer bundle. I also use Surething but i can’t understand how to use this software.

Please help , why i am not getting a good quality printing. Also what is AquaGuard CD’s . Please help. On my country these is only Moser Baer , Imation and sometime HP Printing CDs available, so which should i use.

Also check our printing.

First one is that CD which comes with Printer , HP CD-R Inkjet Printable with AquaGuard.

and Second one is i have stick the label paper on a CD and print it. WHAT A QUALITY :a

So it is require to use aquaguard CD’s or it is also use without aquaguard CD without stick any label


Where to start…

The HP wouldn’t be my first choice for direct-printing CD/DVD, but since you have it, it will probably be OK.

Printing software:
Some folks like SureThing, Roxio I’m guessing is like Nero when used for labeling…very clunky.
I recommend that you D/L the trial version of Acoustica and get familiar with it. It is outstanding and well worth purchasing when you see how complete and polished it is.

AquaGuard is a trademark of Imation who is probably producing those blanks for HP.

First disc :
This one is not centered properly and both the inside/outside diameters are not set properly.
You must address these settings before you start printing.
Different discs will have different dimensions that you must determine and set before starting the print job.
Either verify these dimensions with the mfr., ask here or you can print a “ruler” with Acoustica and physically measure your disc.

Second disc :

  1. You want to print directly for more professional-looking results.
    Forget the stick-on labels.

The printable media available to you is not the greatest but you will have to make do with it.
I would experiment and see which brand burns and prints best.

OMG!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: you never ever,ever,ever, :disagree: use stick on labels with a CD or DVD as you are just asking
for trouble reading them later on doing that. As jflan has already mentioned the first disc is off center and
looks to have maybe a 40mm center hole and your print SW is set at looks to be 20mm center and maybe
115-116mm outer diameter where as the disc probably has a 118-119mm outer diameter. :wink:

It will work, but:

  1. You are going to have to read the instructions carefully

  2. Use the manufacturer’s original inks

  3. DON’T use labels

  4. Check the printer settings…this is where you select the paper type…there should be a setting for printable CDs or you select the media as CDs and print quality as Photo Matt or Glossy…again…read the instructions carefully. You may also have options for lighter/normal/darker print.

Note: Obviously the disc must be fitted correctly in the specially made holder for printing discs…

I’m sure it will work with your “printable” discs…I’ve printed many different brands and never seen any major differences…so I think they are generally all ok.

Thank you for giving reply. I see this is difficult for the first time but i will try this soon. But there is any video tutorial for beginners which i will learn and see what i am doing wroing and how to print correctly on a CD or labels. :bow:

Google is your friend…
Search on [B]Acoustica Tutorial[/B], [B]SureThing Tutorial[/B], etc.

Good tip…video tutorials YAY :clap:

Here’s a video for an Epson, but it’s a very clear explanation of the process which is similar http://youtube.com/watch?v=9YKky_y4hIU

And for your HP5280 http://youtube.com/watch?v=pSxCDk6iErk&feature=related
and in Polish :stuck_out_tongue: http://youtube.com/watch?v=f5yX4SbHcAI&feature=related

Thank you again. :clap:

I want to know why you all are not giving me the rights to print a cd on a label. This is harmful for my CDs or it the quality not comes good. Please tell :o

[quote=boosters;2033869]I want to know why you all are not giving me the rights to print a cd on a label. This is harmful for my CDs or it the quality not comes good. Please tell :o[/quote] Have a read in this thread and you’ll see how problematic paper labels on CDs and DVDs can be:

Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!

Paper labels on CDs are not quite as problematic as on DVDs but they can be bad enough.

I want to one more thing , when i print on a HP Aquaguard CD the printing quality comes excellent but when i print on a standard cd it comes very poor. What the reason and also which CD should i use. Ritek, Verbatim or etc. Please mention name.

I am using the same setting on both the printing. :sad:

There’s many different types of inkjet printable media,both cd and dvd:


  1. Full hub-prints to edge of center hole.More surface to print on,and I highly recommend them.

Settings on your program will be around 20 mms on the inner…

  1. Regular hub-approx 20 mms from the dead center of the hole. Your software settings sould be set around 40 mms. I use epson print cd software.These have less surface to print on,just like LS media.

Outer settings will be around 120mms. That’s the same size as a regular dvd/cd.

That’ll clear up the hubs… Then there’s the following:

  1. White inkjet printable-mostly will be a dull matte finish. Japanese maxell,Verbatim,Ritek,and Taiyo Yuden. Avoid prodisc,imation,and taiwanese maxell.

  2. Shiny inkjet printable-They give a very distinct cover,along with a goldish/silverish background. I advise full hubs,but they cost more. Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. These are harder to find,and mostly purchased from the net stores.

  3. Waterproof glossy: These will yield a glossy look and look the best-IMHO. Moserbauer makes the aquaguards,MBI and not one of the better manufacturers,at least for dvds. Taiyo Yuden Watershields are very good and covers look better than original…

  4. Glossy/non waterproof: Verbatim.Come’s individually packed in their own case because they stick together.Most likely not full hub?

Then you got the Lightscribe,which is mediocre,but can’t compare to the watershield or shiny covers.

Because of the many different types of inkjetprintable media,the quality of your covers will vary. Here’s a pic of a couple of mine,using generic epson ink:

Species is on a Full Hub Taiyo Yuden watershield.The Ty Watershield covers are the finest quality covers in my collection :bow:.

Live Free/Die Hard in on a full hub matte hitachi Maxell :sad:.

You’ll see a huge quality difference in the pic, between the 2.
That pic is 10x worse than looking at them in my hand. The one on the right is actually pretty decent. The one on left is better than the original!!!

Another thing is the covers you are using. For me with white matte,lighter covers turn out very poor.Darker colors turn out better.Both look great with the ty watershields.

The only inkjet printable cd media that I have is some Dollar General Imation matte full hubs. Same settings as any of my other full hubs. 20 inner,120 outer. Print quality is the same as the hitachi maxell and verbatim matte. Any future cd’s, I’ll get the Ty watershields as well.

Thank you for giving a brief reply. I also want to know which CD Label you have use, it is glossy paper or standard paper and from which you have purchase. Also what the condition about the Ritek and Imation, well they are good for printing media ? .

I think you say right because when i check the CD with Hub priniting quality comes better but when i check on Std CD its comes poor. :iagree:

Also which label software you are using currently.

Also what the quality of the HP Printable CDs