Poor burns with Ricohjpn01

I have asked these questions before, but my burns seem to be getting worse, so I thought I would start a seperate thread rather than clutter up the 451@832. I have gotten good scans in the past with ritek go4 and , about 8 months ago, with ricohjpn01. But the last batch of 100 I got are producing much worse scans. I have not noticed any problems in playing the disk, just kprobe scans that seem poor. I first had stock cg2e and then upgraded to cg3e with 8x hack. I then cleared the eeprom, but none of the steps made anything better. I have been burning at 8x with decrypter. Thanks for any help. Here is my last of 8 burns since I cleared the eeprom:

@ winifred
Are you restarting after clearing the EEPROM? It helps me when I do that. If you are restarting, then you have more problems. Try posting a Nero InfoTool readout. Click the diskette icon in the NIT toolbar, make sure all 8 boxes are checked and save as a .txt file. Attach to post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘postreply’ ‘quotepost’ or ‘go advanced’ reply windows. You can also ask yourself if you are following good burning procedures and practices.

I am not really sure what “good practices” are, but I am not doing anything different than I was doing a week ago when I was burning go4s and gettig great burns. The scan is of the 8th disk I burned after I cleared the eeprom. The 3rd burn was pretty good, but then the rest looked like this one. I looked at the neroinfo readout and I am a little nervous about posting it since it seems to include some serial numbers and a lot of other stuff that I am not sure I want public or would be helpful in diagnosing this problem.

@ winifred
you can cut anything out you’d like to concerning names, serial #s. If there is more info needed, we’ll ask :).

you didn’t answer the restart question…did you restart after the eeprom clear but before burning?

I didn’t know what you meant by restart. I assume you mean reboot the computer after clearing the eeprom. The answer is yes. This burn is about a week after I cleared the eeprom and the computer has been rebooted numeious times since. Here is and edited infotool readout. I wonder what all the update stuff is at the bottom. I thought I had applied all the updates I needed. These might be unnecessary, or for a differenct OS.
Thanks for your quick replys.

@ winifred
Thanks for the post. I see you have VIA chipset. You may want to try to install the MS drivers for your IDE channels if possible. Or you can try the VIA 4-in-1 drivers if you haven’t already. I also see you don’t have Nero ASPI installed. You do have ‘systemASPI’ installed and the good 4.60 version of ASPI installed, but you may want to try to install Nero ASPI(without changing the 4.60 ASPI) or upgrade your Nero(as new as you can get for free:))and see if that helps. Backup your current configuration to fall back to if you have major problems.
To further my previous thoughts about proper burner practices, just making sure you have 5+GB continuous HDD space free for your DVD image, defrag your HDD often, don’t run programs or surf while burning if you are having buffer underrun problems.

How do they burn at 4x?

I have the 4-in-1 drivers installed. I am not sure how the Nero aspi will affect this problem since I am using Decrypter to burn. I may try that with Nero. I think I have the latest free version. I don’t want to pay for 6.0. I pretty much burn these disks the same way I burned my g04s that were good. So it is likely a problem with firmware or media (or the combination). Is there an older firmware that is better at burning these disks than cg3e? I might try burning at 4x to see how that works, but I remember in the past that these disks burned better at 8x. I assume there are no strat swaps that might help. Thanks

I just did burn using a g04 and the scans were great. But I only have a few of those left and a bunch of ricoh. Should I revert to an older firmware? Change the strats…
Does anyone have an idea about the pattern of the scan? It seems the errors increase at shifts. So perhaps, if I burn at 2x (with no shifts) I would reduce the error. This would n’t be a biggie since I usaully burn at night. Finnally, are these level of errors something to worry about?

I just burned a disk at 2.4x and got a nearly perfect scan. I will try 4x next, then 6x. I hope I am not stuck with 2.4 to get good scans. I sometimes wonder if I am just worried about nothing since the scans are well below the point where I would expect viewing problems. I did a nero transfer test and it is close to smooth, but had a couple of small dips.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. I think the latest batch of JPNR01s is just not of the same quality.
It can’t be a coincidence that all of a sudden people are complaining that their burns are not as good as they used to be.
If you burner is burning other media okay(as in Winifred’s case), then it stands to reason it must be the media!
Try one of the discs in another burner if you have access to one and see what result you get - if it is also bad then I rest my case.

I don’t have access to another burner, but I have read where others are having problems. Maybe that is why they only cost $0.30. I am still not sure if these scans are reallly that bad. I just burned another at 4x, but I had a mountain of >100PI at the beginning. After that it was fine. So it looks like I might be stuck with 2.4x Any ideas??

This is just so weird. I use these and am having no problems like this. The highest PI I have gotten is 28 I think, and only for a short amount of the graph. The PIF’s have not gone above 3. I have ordered another 50 of them from where I normally get them, though I still have 25 left of the other…anyway, I will keep randomly scanning some discs and see what my results are. I don’t scan all of the discs I burn as I just don’t have the time. But I probably scan every 1 in 5.

I think you have been blessed with that burner. Whatever you do don’t muck around with it!

LOL! Yeah. No way am I mucking around with it. I have never once altered anything with it and I’m not about to.

What burner and firmware do you have? I got my ridatas from Newegg. Also, are yo burning at 8x? As I mentioned, these burn fine at 2.4x, but they produce these scans when burned faster. I have gotten a couple of good scans at 8x - maybe 2 out of 10. Since I burn at nught the 2.4 isn’t terrible, but there are times when I would like to burn and run. I assume there are no strat swaps for this media and cg3e is the best firmware? One last thing, I have noticed that most recommend checking auto bitset in OP. Will this effect scans? I don’t check it because I have a compatible player and bitset seemed to screww with my RWs.

I just got in a new batch of Ricoh JPNR01 discs from Amazon, and they do not seem to be as good as previous batches. Not terrible, mind you, just not as good as before. Here are two burns, the first done at 8x with my 1213@1633 with BYX2 firmware, the second burnt at 8x on my Benq 1620.

Those are obviously much better than mine.