Poor Burns using Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC 003)

The CDSpeed Quality score is based on only three things, and for most drives only two things:

[li]Any drive that can report PO Failures will have a QS=0% if there are any POF reported.[/li]BenQ drives can report POF but Pioneer and LiteOn drives can’t.
[li]A different QS scale is selected depending on how the drive reports PIF when scanning. There’s e.g. a different scale for drives like the LiteOn which report PIF per 1 ECC block, and another scale for drives like e.g. the Pioneer and BenQ drives which report PIF per 8 ECC blocks.[/li][li]A QS is calculated on the selected scale by looking at the maximum PIF seen per sampling interval (e.g. per 1 ECC block or 8 ECC blocks).[/li][/ol]Please note that total PIF numbers are ignored, PIE total and maximum numbers are ignored, and Jitter is ignored.

Since the LiteOn scans PIF per 1 ECC block, the QS scale says that a maximum of 2 PIF equals a QS = 95%, whereas the Pioneer scans PIF per 8 ECC blocks and the different QS scale says that a maximum of 4 PIF per 8 ECC blocks equals a QS = 98%.

In my opinion it’s almost meaningless to compare quality scores between drives that use different scales.

There’s a table somewhere showing these QS scales, but I can’t find it at the moment.
EDIT: The table can be seen here.

And with the LiteOn scan, you can see the jitter is greyed out, how can I display jitter ?

CDSpeed currently cannot scan for Jitter on any LiteOn drive.

With the right firmware you can use a tool called DVDScan to scan for Jitter (and Beta, and Tracking Error / Focus Error) on LiteOn 5S and 6S series burners with experimental firmware as well as some of the latest released firmwares.

Yeah the scan took me by surprise to be honest. When I scanned this same disc with my Pioneer, I was about to throw the disc away lol, was getting higher PIFS indeed.