Poor Burning on DW1640/Philips 1628

Crossflashed my philips 1628 to a BSLB DW1640, however whatever firmware i use, whether it be philips 1.1, philips 2.2 or Benq BSLB the burns are really poor. Media is YUDEN000 T01 (DVD+R Jewel cased maxells) 4x rated and being burnt at 4x. The png below is the best burn ive managed to achieve (burning the same .pdi with dvddecrypter about 5 times with various settings). I wll try with some other media at some point, and reinstall xp and then try (im due for my reinstall anyway) but wanted to know if there is anything else i can try in the meantime.


What inducement led you not to scan with your Benq/Philips at 8X ?
OTOH, people scan at 4X with Liteons.

The PIFs never reached the 4 limit standard with Liteon specific scanning scheme, the average is good but the total very strange, probably due to scanning with a reader and using maximum speed.

I did scan with the Benq but pif’s always remained at 0, so i assumed it wasnt supported, this was under the philips 1.1 fw, so ill try again. Also the liteon under cddvdspeed only allows me to select max.

I almost had the same results. Turned out, my brave JLMS drive was dead. Flash to the Benq FW and scan again - you will be surprised. If the scan is bad in the JLMS (also try KProbe!), it might me dead.

Its not just the quality scans that get me, but the fact it cannot burn 4x for the whole disc, rather throughout keeps ramping up and down from 3.3/4x or 3.7/8/9 x. May be time to rebuild my comp both ahrdware and software.

The speed fluctuations is caused by WOPC, perfectly normal.


^ Thought so, it did fluctuate slightly less with it off, also the BSLB has no write stratergy for yudent01-000.