Poor burn quality

I’m fairly new but learning more every day. I used Nero CD/DVD test to run a quality test on my DVDs. I had some that registered a 35-45 quality score so I decided to reburn. I use DVD shrink and Nero to burn. I only burn at 4x. I think I might have had the deep analize and the error thing unchecked on those poor ones. When I redid the DVDs (which are a little scratched) with the quality settings on I still get not great scores. My hardware is: 2500+,MSI board, 450w power supply, 1g ram, 1648 AAP with 1.07 firmware (flashed back from TDB firmware for testing), 3500A with latest firmware .18 stuff. Using DVD shrink and reauthoring. I think my 1648 might be ripping too fast. Also I’m using junky media, Legacy stuff that I ordered with my 3500 because it was cheap. I think that very well could be the problem too. I want to use up all of it so I can get better stuff. Will prolly get riteks next or dual layer if those r affordable when I run out of this stuff. Local Walmart has the Verbatim Movie Discs 5 for $6 so i was gonna get those to test that out and see if its the media.

I had others that didn’t mess up so bad at the end like that one did that registered a quality score of like 90-95 but PI errors and jitter were still way above my friends who has Liteon 1633. I think its worth noting that that last time I scanned the same disc as above it scored a 77 but i didn’t save. Also I just wanted to say anything I do know about this stuff is from this forum and I appreciate all the valuable information.

You already said it yourself. Cheap media is the biggest problem with DVD writers today. Read the media forum to find out which medias are the best. I recommend Made in Japan only… DVD+R major brands. Fujifilm, Tdk, Verbatium, Phillips etc


Definitely lose the media-

Poor media= Poor Results

Good Media= Good Results

I have two 3500’s and both prefer -R 8x media from Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell which gives very good results and tests out to 94-99 every time-

Looks like you have a very good setup - feed it very good media and you should be pleased with the results-


Hi Runteldat ,

as stated by “bigmike7”==== loose the media.

I got a 100 pak of ritek from neweg.com for $36.

great media and a great price.

good luck and happy burning.


Thanks for the help. I bought the media before I really knew too much about it. I tried out the Verbatim -R Digital movie disks and got an overall quality score of 97. The PI errors were over 100 but they stayed constant the whole time. I’m trying to use these up, plan on burning with Riteks from now on.