Poor backup quality

I’m not sure if the poor quality is from the shrink proccess or if it’s caused while burning. It’s not every movie. Most of the time it’s on full screen movies but every once in a while it’s on the widescreen ones. It’s a blocky picture mostly when someone is moving or say in a explosion scene.
Any hints as to what might be causing this or is this just how some movies are.

Here are some examples.
Jurrassic Park … All three. (full screen)
Mission Impossible II (widescreen)
Die Another Day (full screen)
Mummy Returns (full screen)

The originals all play very clear.

um are you burning to one disk?

and id say this definatly is the wrong forum this is a blindwrite forum…are you saying your using copytodvd to write with?

I’m using the VSO DVD shrink and Copy To DVD Pro Programs.
I thought this was the right forum … The VSO website forum links to this page.
I am burning to one DVD disk

ok well dvd shrink isnt vso…but copy to dvd is…so your ok.

if your using compression to fit the whole title on one dvd you may get blocky problems…it has nothing to do with copy to dvd though.

i assume you read through FP’s tutorials on dvd shrink

first thing to do after you load the original dvd is to do a deep anaylisis its on the menu. it will do alot better job with compression than just the default anaylisis. then you need to look at the compression ratio…if its under 65% id say you may see some blockyness. you can reauthor just the main title and that will significantly reduce the compression required, but that will get rid of all the extra features and the menu also but thats what i do with those titles anyways. because i usually just watch the movie and the extra stuff is just fluff for me. its all under fps tutorial. you should get close to the original in quality if you dont compress much.

Thanks for the link I’ll check thru all the posts.
I figured it was with the shrink and not the burn.
I usually do leave all the extras in and compress the whole thing down by 50%.
I dont usually watch the extras either I just like to have them and the menu. But I guess if I cant get good quality I’ll try taking that stuff out and compress the movie down less.

50% may be pushing it…make sure you do a deep anaysis it makes a big difference. you dont have to reauthor to reduce the size you can take out unneeded soundtracks such as foreign dialog etc that may give you another gig or so. plus die another day has both ws and fullscreen i beleive you can turn the widescreen title into still frames if its on the same disk to save you alot of space.

I see what you mean by deep anaysis. I’m using 2.3 shrink. The deep anaysis is on 3.0 guess I need to update.
Also I do take out all the foreign language stuff

yes definatly download 3.0 beta 5 it is better than 2.3 plus its free;)

deep anaylisis scans every frame instead of every 100 frames like the default anaylisis does so its a much better compression but like i said if you compression number is too low you may get blockies in some frames.