Poor Amazon just can't pack 100-disk spindle right!



Amazon replaced a 100-disk spindle of Verbatim 8x +R (MCC 003) for me, because the first spindle arrived w/the base broken, and at least the first several disks scratched. They sent me a replacement spindle, and this one arrived in even worse shape than the first–base completely shattered, top separated from base, disks loose in the box.

The first time I spoke to the rep, she made a note for the shipping dept. that this was happening, as I have read several other reports of this. It apparently didn’t reach the gorillas down in Amazon Shipping, because they packed the second spindle even worse than the first.

To Amazon’s credit, they offered me a solution that was satisfactory, and didn’t bust my chops about it, so I’m ending up happy, other than the inconvenience. They are still tops in my book, but they can’t pack a big spindle to save their lives, and UPS’s ham-fisted delivery guys don’t help much.

After this, I think I’ll start ordering from Rima. The prices on TY look very good, and I’ve heard they pack their media quite well. Also, I noticed Newegg has started carrying TY again, but the price wasn’t very good last I checked.


WoW!!!, I thought they pack pretty well, they use a lot of air bubble wrap on the item that I bought from them.


Normally they do, but on both the spindles they sent me, this is how they packed it: laid spindle on its side. Put it in box no deeper on inside than width of spindle. Packed air-pillows around spindle, but not on areas in contact w/box top and bottom. IOW the sides of the spindle were always in direct contact w/the top and bottom of the box.

You know how UPS just heaves a box up on your front porch, and I can just imagine how it gets handled when they know you aren’t watching. :Z And since Verbatim has begun using a thinner more brittle plastic on the 100-disk spindles, they are even more likely to succumb to poor handling.

I did tell them at Amazon that the entire spindle needed to be in a box deep enough that it could be entirely surrounded and cushioned by air-pillows, which would have prevented the damage, but apparently the message either didn’t make it to the warehouse, or was ignored. Either way, Amazon is losing money each time they have to replace these spindles, and we are inconcvenienced in the bargain.


but you did get to keep the broken disc’s right, so you have around 180 verbatims which mightwork, and proabably do :smiley:



But I didn’t want 180 Verbatims that might work–I wanted 100 that would work. As I told Amazon, after a burn, I now have to Disk Quality Test and Surface Scan each one, just to make sure it doesn’t have a scratch or other damage my aging eyes missed before I burned it. Big hassle. They agreed.

Plus, I only wanted 100, because I figured by the time I went thru that spindle, I’d be ready for the Verb 16x disks, which have started dropping in price.

So in a way you may be right, but there’s also a downside to it.


Hmmm I still have this Amazon gift certificate to spend here. :slight_smile:
I’ll make sure not to order the “discs thrown around in box” item. :stuck_out_tongue:


200 Verbatim Discs arrived today… DVD+R from Amazon… bouth boxes were opened, all discs scratched, at least 150 of 200 are unusable… it seems that amazon doesnt have all that credit i thoght they had…poor shop.