Pong console versus Personal Computer



not to be taken too seriously :slight_smile:

Pong Console :

Installation takes little knowledge (+)
The installed games work instantly (+)
Works on every tv (+)
Standard set of games (-)
No need to copy games for backup (+)
Pong could get bored after 28 hours (-)
crappy sound (-)
No extra hardware required (+)
No need to upgrade OS (+)
Old technology (-)
Cheap (+)

Pros : 7
Cons : 4

Personal Computer

Installation takes some knowledge (-)
The installed games have to be loaded first (-)
Standard operation requires a monitor (-)
Zillions of various games (+)
Game media could damage, cd writer recommended (-)
So could GTA 3 , but then there's Warcraft III (+)
Usually Cool sound (+)
Sound card , network card , mouse , etc (-)
New games , new OS (-)
Everytime new technology (+)
Expensive (-)

Pros : 4
Cons : 7

Conclusion : Pong console wins


i always liked pong…


Pong rulez! :wink:


well, now i’m even more proud to own an original pong consolle :slight_smile:
PONG RULES!!.. but war3 is way cool, guys!


Pong is only good on the calculator when you got nothing better to do…


pong has made many a long trip bearable


Pong is where it all started for me!!!i do miss the simplere days of the sears telegame console…


Pong was there before me, and I still am addicted :slight_smile:


pong 4 ever !


ooo, xian, compiler error, return type may not exist…better take care of the else case

of course, it returned true when i worked through it for me :frowning: