Polygamist 'prophet' to serve at least 10 years in prison

I am sure he will find someone in there to help him with his problem.


Can you rape the willing?

not sure but it sure would be a form of justice

Took them 10 yrs to catch that mofo. He should get life and hung by his wanker.

[quote=Mr. Belvedere;1936526]Can you rape the willing?[/quote]In certain areas, with certain people of certain ages [and age differences], even consensual acts are rape…[my lovely little state included]. The 14-19 age split would definitely count in my neck of the woods. :iagree:

Religions pi$$ me off.

I’m sure god didn’t dictate that rape of young kids is Just.

Rot in hell, fool!

This guy was on the “fringe,” and just by what’s reported in the article (and the fact he didn’t speak in his own defense infers he knew he was guilty–to say nothing of the suicide/hanging attempt), he knew at some level he did wrong. Obviously there was coercion and this guy is a bottom feeder at best. In light of this, it’s important to be completely fair (as the article seconds) that this guy wasn’t in line with standard LDS/Mormon practices, to say nothing of violating Utah law. Given what’s said about inmate populations in general (with what they do to individuals like Jeffs once on the inside), I doubt he’ll have an ‘uneventful stay.’