Poll - Would you buy another LVW-XXXX

I know some of us are having a wee bit of problems (tint, jitter etc) but all in all I would buy another. How about you?

If I could, yes.

No I wouldn’t, considering I already have 2 of them.
a 5005 and a 5045. So I won’t be buying another.

I dunno. The jitter is some what tolerable, but that audio sync issue = yuck. I tried two brands of discs on the rec list and still got the audio problem towards the end. Probably not though. But then again it is hackable.

only a 5045 because it has a hard drive. It’s more stable as well.

I spent $278.00 for my 5005 in july of 2004. It had all the features I wanted. the only DVD recorder on the market at the time that was comparable was a Sony for $700.00. PC World magazine even had a good recomendation for the 5005. Being a cheap Polack I went with the Lite On. With hindsight, knowing what I know now, I would get the Sony in a heart beat.

hexmechanic was the 5045 just released? I can only find it eBay. I did find the LVC-9006 though.


NVM I found both of them here


and here


I think the hardware other than the mono tuner is generally good. The firmware needs more work:
THEY SHOULD MAKE THE FIRMWARE OPENSOURCE. I am sure a lot of improvement could be made in using the Linksys wireless 54G router as a model of opensoure development.

Where else can you buy a DVD+/- recorder for $100 after rebate?

27 votes so far - 22 would buy another and 5 would not. I wonder if the latest update from LiteOn would change the 5 no voters mind?

I bought my 5007 at Sears for $169 in early December primarily to backup about a dozen or so VHS tapes dated circa 1989. But I’ve recorded some programs too. I have had no problems to date. Granted, I get some pixillation when I play the recorded TV program recordings on some older DVD players. But I can’t blame that on the 5007? Or can I?

Would probably buy one again (unless I discover the pixillation problem is from the LVW).

Have had a LVW-5007 for 2 months. Yes, I’d get another.


My 5005 (Nov. 15, 2004) is working like a champ.

I’m coming at this from the viewpoint of one who edits video, and am used to how it looks and works.

I use Matrox RT.X100 realtime systems & Premiere Pro for event videos (weddings etc.) and have used many MPEG-2 encoding schemes ranging from hardware encoders to the Ligos and MainConcept software cores.


It’s average Q (quantization) of 4-5 is rather good since typically this is 6 or higher (lower = better). Basically this refers to how much of the original streams video data is tossed before the MPEG encoding of a given segment starts, this in an effort to reduce its workload.

The 5005 uses a DC precision of 10, which is the highest legal setting for MPEG-2 video used on DVD. By comparison most MPEG encoders default to a setting of 8 or 9. DC precision is how accurately the encoder calculates the discrete cosine transforms used to compress the video stream after quantization.

As a result the 5005’s MPEG-2 streams are as good as what most encoders used in editing systems can generate, and are better than some.

The only things really lacking is the ability to use DVD-RAM, support for which is advantageous in the editing bay, and the use of Dolby Digital (AC3) audio. I can understand the lack of Dolby though since licensing it would probably cost almost as much as the 5005 itself :stuck_out_tongue:

On my entertainment system I’m using a satellite receiver -> JVC SVHS -> 5005 -> Sony WEGA. Connections are S-video from the receiver to JVC and from the JVC to the LiteOn and the component output to the WEGA.

Uppance: I’d buy another one for entertainment use, but prefer Panasonics in the editing bay for their DVD-RAM capabilities.

You seem to be very knowledgeable about this process!! What do you think is causing the jump/jitter and the green hue/cabbage patch effects that many of us are experiencing?? I can hit the 'Guider" button when I start seeing the jump/jitter and it stops???


Definitely…only had it for a couple of weeks and love it already… :bigsmile:

It sure beats the heck out of some of the other Name brands which I will not bother to mention. Plus, many of those are $200.00 more and not hackable. If another one is needed, it will be a LiteOn.
Regards: Pop’s

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Update - 34 votes to date - 27 yes - 7 no. The LVW-XXXX slipped a little bit below 80%, but then again that’s a heck of a batting average or pass completion %.