Poll: Will you upgrade to Windows 10 quickly?



For those of you who are eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10, will you quickly jump to the new operating system? Or will you wait a bit to see how well the upgrades work? Or will you just stick with what you have?

I haven’t tried Windows 10 at all so far. I’ve been very happy with Windows 8.1 plus my third party start menu program. I’m afraid more of the Modern side of Windows is going to leak into my everyday use of the operating system when/if I upgrade, and I have virtually no use for those features. If I can adjust the look of the start menu to eliminate those blasted tiles, that would be a good beginning. But to experiment with the operating system means I will have to install it in something. What fun.

In any case, I’ll be keeping an image of my present operating system hard drive, ready to be reinstalled in just a few minutes.

On to the poll.


I have Windows 8.1 on one of their Surface Pro machines. I feel it only necessary to check out what changes/improvements are brought about by Windows 10; my hope is that they will have managed to further improve the experience when it comes to switching between tablet and laptop-replacement modes. (As-is, it isn’t like there’s something specifically lacking, but there’s room for innovation).

Beyond that, I tire a bit of the 8.1 implementation of the Start menu (though I have no reason to install the 3rd party replacements), so if I can find a good use for the live tiles on the revised Start menu, thing’ll be peachy.

…I probably shouldn’t charge forward with a new OS given the fact that software may (will) break until updated, but I’ve taken that risk before (new hardware/new OS/new form factor) and survived, so why not?


I plan on sticking with W7 , Vista , & XP Pro & Home .
Those are what I have now. No plans to even go to W 8.1 .
If obsolescence eventually forces me to then I would have no choice.


Don’t know. Will wait and see, but definitely won’t be on the leading edge with this upgrade.


I am not interested in their “tiles” hence no upgrade for me - will be interesting to see how MS wants to enforce the upgrade via “important” win-updates maybe?

MS already knows Win10 will flop badly if they can’t force users to take it on. Who likes an improved NSA OS on their machines?

Let’s watch the drama unfolding…


I’m going to upgrade one older laptop that happily runs 7 and see what happens.
It’s strange, the poll suggests more people will update early, but the comments here are as mine, “lets see what happens” I can see from the general repair/retail people I know, there’s a great deal of distrust in Microsoft, I must admit I do feel the same.
Past history is not that great, so what do they really expect from people that have been screwed over in the past
Lets face it, a free upgrade with no catches? It’s a little hard to swallow. I hope I’m wrong, but it seems in the end we are stuck with 10 as 7 will be abandoned with no support quite soon. If only a third party could take over the support for 7 with a reasonable annual subscription, I would be happy with that.
I like 7, I like all of it features, it works for me, why do I need anything else.
My new Toshiba lappie with 8.1 on it is not a pleasure to use, I avoid it unless I’m away from this Windows 7 rig and need it’s extended battery life as it’s hardware is much newer than my old Acer.


I use Windows Media Center so it could be a while before I upgrade. I do have a small Atom/Ion box I [I]might[/I] try it on but it’s currently my only Win 8.1 box.


After some research into Windows 10 features I am not happy at all no Aero themes or even Windows Media Center I’ll keep my Windows 7 just the way it’s setup. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been using Windows 10 as my primary operating system for quite some time, like since last fall i have watch improvements come and new bugs in each new release but MS is doing a bang up job with windows 10.
I think lots of you will have to wait and see but for me there will be no going back to windows 8.1 once released in July.

The new search assistant is amazing and getting better with each new release another one will probably be launched today to those of us on the fast ring build 10136 another great friday before RTM.

Image you current operating system so you can restore from Image and give windows 10 a shot you maybe amazed not to mention directX12 now…


I also use WMC because I have a HDHomeRun Prime and its one of the few programs that supports cable cards on cable and protected video content. You can get a WMC add-on for 10 but then it will shutdown the updates because they no longer support it so your on your own if you do.
Silicon Dust is working on a DVR program that will support cable cards and protected content with their newer networked cable card tuners and its in beta now and supposedly works well.
They will be doing a beta release to kick starter supporters later this month. If it works then I’ll consider using it. I do plan on downloading it when released to have my copy and will hang onto it till I’m ready to try it.


The moment Windows 10 is officailly released I will download the ISO file.
even the RTM if available and install on all four PCs in my home, two desktops and two notebooks.
I am trialling the previews on one desktop and one notebook but the current bugs and lack of older hardware support is a little worrying.
hopefully all will be well on official release.


I’ll probably go for updating to Windows 10 - so I can reinstall any time again later, but then go back to Windows 7 once the activation is done and I manage to get hold of a serial or whatever is required for a clean installation later. :wink:


If Microsoft keeps plan to not allow one to choose updates to install discussed at http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r30091437-Win-10-Users-Won-t-Get-to-Decide-What-Updates-They-Install-and-When, I plan to put off upgrade as long as possible. What happens if an update causes problems running programs or other issues? Much time can be wasted trying to resolve these kinds of problems. Unfortunately I’ll be forced to upgrade at some point due to lack of support for some applications. For example, beginning with 2015 version of Quickbooks the program won’t install on WinXP and older Windows versions, and support for my current Win8.1 is bound to be stopped a few years down the road


[QUOTE=bevills1;2754893]If Microsoft keeps plan to not allow one to choose updates to install discussed at http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r30091437-Win-10-Users-Won-t-Get-to-Decide-What-Updates-They-Install-and-When, I plan to put off upgrade as long as possible.[/QUOTE] For a second there I thought Microsoft had learned from their mistakes and had stopped treating their customers as property, but apparently not. :doh:

They managed to copy the one thing I hate about Android: Forced updates.


^That whole discussion is based on this ambiguous line: [I]Windows 10 Home users will have updates from Windows Update automatically available. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise users will have the ability to defer updates.[/I]

It says nothing about updates being [B]installed[/B] automatically, and says nothing about not being able to choose updates to ignore. The operating system may be set up by default to download updates, but I would think they’ll give other options, both on downloading and installing if you want to dig into the controls.

Microsoft is notorious for being unclear in some of their statements, and spend weeks or months trying to clarify stuff like this.


I’ve been testing Windows 10 since October 2014, so I’ll be installing the full version as sson as it becomes available.

Of course I’ll have an Acronis Image of Win 8.1 to fall back on if things go wrong.

BTW: For those who don’t like the ‘Tiles’ in the Windows 10 start menu. You can remove them by ‘unpinning’ them from the start menu, or even un-install them. Better still, you can replace the existing ‘tiles’ with your own.

For example, if you use MS Word a lot, you can pin Word to the start menu as a tile, so you have quick access to that app.


I’ve been using Windows 10 Insider Preview on an old laptop for several days now and have too say I’m quite impressed. I will upgrade this when the full version comes out and see how it goes before upgrading my two desktop PCs.


Regarding the updates in the Home edition, I found another article that says the updates [B]will[/B] be installed automatically.

[I]Home users may be annoyed with the change in updates. Windows Update is now kaput, as is Patch Tuesday. Updates will now be downloaded and installed as soon as they are ready, not on the second Tuesday of every month, and you can’t put them off. The Pro and Enterprise editions will allow you to defer updates, but it’s mandatory for home users.[/I]


I bet you all have noticed that if you right click on the Windows update icon in the task bar, you get a screen that you use for reserving your update. Also the useful bit is the auto check if your machine is able to update and problems if any are shown in another window. Click on update status, then
on the top left, there is a “hamburger” icon (three small horizontal lines) click on this and you will see a list white on black, read down and, under the heading, "getting the upgrade there is the “is your computer ready” click on that and all is revealed. Very interesting to say the least! You all know about this anyway.:wink:
Sorry if this a bit disjointed, I have a migraine.:frowning:


I will download the upgrade but I won’t go to Windows 10 right away though. I’ll keep a Acronis image of my Windows 7 for safe keeping. I might use Windows 10 on a test computer but not on my actual main computer.