Poll: Which burner and why?

Hi All.

Just wanted to ask everyone:

a) If ALL of your current DVD writers were to fail today (sorry!), which one single burner would you buy tomorrow? (Please try to state the exact model as well and not just the brand name if you can.)

b) Why?

c) What are the top two purposes for which you use your DVD writer (for example, 1. Playing copied DVDs and 2. Storing audio.)?


(Sorry if I haven’t introduced myself. It’s been so long since I joined, I can’t recall if I already posted.)

Can I pick two? I always keep two DVD burners in each of my PCs :slight_smile:

If they all died today, I’d hunt down another LG4163B, and get a new LiteOn 6S model.

Why? - the LG because of burn quality, even on 16x discs, and the LiteOn because they’re also great burners, and great scanners (not too hot with CDR burning though, whereas the 4163B shines there).

If I had to pick just one, it’d be one of the LiteOn 6S models.

What are the top two purposes for which you use your DVD writer (for example, 1. Playing copied DVDs and 2. Storing audio.)? - Backing up data/movie DVDs, quality scanning, burning audio CDs. OK, so that’s 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

[B]Plextor PX-760A[/B]

  • It bitsets
  • It can do scans
  • It does Autostrategy
  • It comes with lots of software
  • Riplocks can be turned off and on
  • Gigarec, PlexEraser are “nice to have”
  • The burning quality is at least ok for anything
  • It does 18x (well, I don’t really need it, but nice to have)
  • It is too expensive

Actually I would more favor a combo of Lite-On, BenQ and LG or something like that. Lite-On for scanning and writing (Overspeed, HT, OHT), BenQ as an allrounder for scanning and writing (SolidBurn!) and LG for DVD-RAM and writing TY and MCC. If I were to pick two, it would be BenQ and LG.

My burner is mostly used for data backups on DVD and CD.

a) Lite-On 165P6S

b) PIE/PIF scans with CDSpeed or Kprobe, DVD-Ram support, tweaks like Hypertuning and Overspeed, C0deking’ s unofficial tools and firmwares, the fact that Lite-On engineers post here at CDFreaks

c) DVD Video backup, Data backup via DVD-Ram

Thanks for the responses.

Does ‘scan/scanning’ refer to simply checking the quality of a recording using a separate software program? If so, then I’m confused; aren’t all drives able to allow CDs/DVDs to be checked?

If you want to use CD Speed you need LiteOn, Benq or NEC - some try Pioneer.

I just got the LiteOn in my sig. and i think it’s good - very acceptable so far and already i’d recommend it :slight_smile: Also i never saw a drive produce so many fine discs from different origins as my LG 4163 - must be the king of drives but not many left in retail i suppose. I wouldn’t recommend the Benq 1640 though. It’s good on very few discs at very few speeds - doesn’t burn sub 8x very well to put it nicely. If the LiteOn continues to impress me i may buy another, otherwise i’d try a Pioneer 111 :slight_smile:

Ain’t that the truth :iagree:

I recommend LiteOn for scanning, as it’s good with DVD media from all different drives, whereas BenQ is a bit “odd” with burns from certain drives.

However, BenQ scans CDRs a bit better than LiteOn. :wink:

I use my 165H6S liteon for DVD scanning and ripping both CD and DVDs. It has lightscribe and it can make reasonable DVD scans, or at least reasonable with TY 8x media.

I also own the Pioneer 111D. It has no real extra features like the Liteons, BenQs, and Plextors have. Its a simple fire and forget burner. I can get some reasonable quality burns from it, but so far, I haven’t have much luck for consistency. Either my drive is not up to par or my batch of DVDs is just mediocre.

Plextors usually make good CD scanners. DVD scanning is good, but its a little too slow unless you third party plextor compatible tools to speed things up. Skip the PX-716 series because too many people have complaints about them.

a) Lite-On SHM-165H6S

b) All around good burner with addition of DVD-RAM and Lightscribe.

c) ripping, scanning and DVD-RAM data backup

I have to say my LiteOn 165p6s is a good burner and a great scanner with KProbe2, but it does have a problem with burning disks with higher jitter than my BenQ 1640. I actually recommend BenQ b/c of it’s Solidburn being more mature than the LiteOn 165p6s, as the Solidburn really works well, while my LiteOn 165p6s under different test firmwares (currently testing MV94) I see still needs a lot of improvement on the jitter side. It’s most pronounced problem is going “back and forth” on jitter, with generally always a “jitter hump” at the start of the burn, whether burning at 8x or 12x, and regardless of media (MCC003, MCC004, tyg02) I use. It’s obviously a quirk that needs further ironing out, but while the LiteOn engineers are currently busy on a new LiteOn model, they don’t have time to tweak the test firmware and get the jitter much lower (for example, a tyg02 burned on a 1640 will avg. 7.8-8.5% jitter, but on a 165p6s will avg. 9.6-9.9%, so that’s a significant difference).

The LiteOn 165p6s is a good burner, and it will smoke a BenQ at 8x and 12x, as the LiteOn is the more aggressive burner. As for which test firmware, I’m leaning most towards MV94, as the only other two that seemed consistent in results were MV7U and MV8P. However, the only one of all those with no documented problems or doubts was MV94 that I’ve been able to see. At the same time, there is no jitter data from most f/ws except the most recent ones, so it is hard to tell which one (except MV9N, which is not consistent on burns nor jitter) might be best to use. That said, my BenQ 1640 does consistently adjust and improve burns and jitter, so in comparison is slower to the 165p6s (for example, it might burn a 4.36 gb tyg02 at 8’ 45" whereas the 165p6s will burn it at 8’ 22" at 8x), so the 1640 is slower by at least 20 seconds to the LiteOn, but the jitter is much steadier and most definitely lower than the 165p6s results. Of course, if the LiteOn engineers can fix the jitter “back and forth” and get the Hypertuning and Online Hypertuning truly fixed, then the clear edge would go to the LiteOn 165p6s.

Yep - I’m not sure how important jitter measuring is but if it’s important the 165PS is 1-2% higher than my other writers. My 4163 is around 8-9% avg, 1640 8,5-9,5% avg and the 165PSX is 9,5-10% avg. All measured on my 1640. PIF, PIE & TRT wise the 165PS is about the same as the 2 others = very good :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

I have read some good reviews for BenQ (1640/1655) but if I had to buy a burner, it would have to be something that can write to and read most types of DVD media, especially cheap ones (but good ones too). From the replies received, it may look as if this may be a problem with BenQ.

Pioneer 111 with the 8.26 firmware. Best all around burner for quality media. I would never stay with a single burner, but if all 10 died the Pioneer would be the first one I would replace, followed by a Liteon for scanning. Actually, all the other burners would not be replaced, but I would look awfully hard for a Plextor Premium.

ok I’ve seen people mention DVD burners doing scanning, what is scanning and what does it do and what’s the purpose of it and how do I determine which burners scan the best? thanks


Thanks for asking that question bnm81002 and thanks also chas0039 for the reply. Been wondering that myself! I’ve known about and installed CDSpeed a long time ago and knew what it was for, but I didn’t think that scanning was not available for any and all drives. Thought it was a new concept when I keep reading that a drive can scan.