Poll: What car do you drive?

I’m on my way to taking a drivers license so cars is one big subject, and so I wonder what car(s) do the people on CD Freaks own and drive?

So here’s the first official CD Freaks car-poll!
Please disregard the fact that there’s no options, I couldn’t possibly write down all cars in existance!

Anyone driving a SAAB or Volvo gets a bonus point by me! :slight_smile:

How old are you?? I would have thought you already had it.

Anyway I drive 1990 Nissan Hardbody (pickup+cab). I’ll post a pic once I find one. Here it is

You give extra points for SAAB? Where I live, many people drive older SAABs. We have turned it into the acronym for Something’s Always About to Break:bigsmile: .

I would say a good majority of American kids who just get their license buy Volvos and SAABs…whether it speaks to reliability or just cheapness is unknown to me. I really like the new models from both companies…but the older ones…I’ll pass.

I’m 17, turning 18 after summer so I don’t the paper yet…
My dad works at the SAAB factory so I really think you all should buy more SAABS :slight_smile:
But I like Volvos better…

BTW Swedish acronym for SAAB is much rawer… Couldn’t post it here :wink:

Too bad I don’t have a car yet. I could have gotten one for free: a 1983 Seat something :slight_smile:

Hehe I think now that I must be the youngest mod of all.

@Dee-ehn - My dream car is from 1983. DMC Delorean AT!

are all our mods so young? anyway…i drive a '93 volvo 240. thing is old…but its a tank. thats why it doesnt go so fast. :bigsmile:

def a reliable car…will be keeping it until it becomes to expensive to maintain. i think thats a good investment. besides, although cars might get faster…the speed limit doesnt change. eh, its a fun car to drive…put a stereo in a couple years ago…want to get some good speakers soon.

Toyota Starlet 1.3i GXI 16V. Easily drives 100mph :bigsmile:

Jeep Wrangler…The Original 4x4. Soft Top Too, Hee Haw!!

2003 VW GTI 1.8T in Indigo Blue w/ 17" rims. My baby… it’ll do until the 2004 Golf R32 comes to the States.

Used to have a picture of it…

2001 VW Golf 1.6 Highline, Silver metallic

Next car might be a Volvo…C70 or S80 would be nice :wink:

mazda 323 fastbreak 1.5l engine Silver metallic
built in 1999 but only 20000km

look something like this one;

the best thing i like about it is the traction-control…


I think it was a pink Seat Marbella

saw a few weeks ago one,man they are ugly in pink

I have no car, my old car VW Santana 1.8 was sold…
I drive motocycle, Honda 125CC now:)

1996 Buick LeSabre

Its really owned by my dad but under agreement its mine. :slight_smile:

[RANDOM LAUGH]Muhahahahahahahaha!!![/RANDOM LAUGH]

MY02 WRX Sti. My bro drives Evo VI and we usually swap cars now and then. Both are nice, but am saving up for an M3 :slight_smile:

Originally posted by Mr. Belvedere
Toyota Starlet 1.3i GXI 16V. Easily drives 100mph :bigsmile:

Heh, truck tops out around maybe 75. With cap on, around 50 I get a “wind tunnel” sound effect going:( .

“i” own an old, red volvo 440.
we are thinking about changing it, though…

Buick LeSabre (to those that don’t know what car it is)
Nice car! But it’s got no gear-stick! :rolleyes:

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
C70 or S80 would be nice :wink:

looks out window
sees C70-factory
I warn you, you can’t fit alot into a C70. (But you can definatly loose Belvedere in a race :))

My parent’s are considering an S60

Hope they buy that one, maybe then I’ll nick our small Opel (cosy) or big Volvo 740 (big) :slight_smile:

Aren’t Volvo’s and SAAB’s a little too ‘serious’ for you? Only old ppl here drive these cars (not that they’re not beauties!). A Citroen Xsara, Mettalic Blue 2002 model 1.6i (101hp) is waiting for me to turn 18… :slight_smile:

I think I’d like Toyota Corolla (I know, it’s lame) because ~40mpg and I’m poor. When I turn 18 I have nothing waiting for me…and when my sister comes back from college I probably won’t even have the truck.:frowning: