Poll: to Vista or not to Vista?

My xp home works fine .
Maybe if I get new setup and has vista installed :slight_smile: .

I use Vista, i like the way it looks and works and its stability, i won’t go back to XP. :disagree:

I might upgrade from Windows XP to Vista in about 6 months.
I’m waiting for the first service pack, you know :wink:

I’ll wait for Vista SP2, unless the whole DX 10/gaming thing forces me to do it sooner. (Piss me off) My XP is just fine; I have it set up nice with add-ons and such so that the Vista eye candy is just “meh” to me.

more of that eye and ear candy that drug pushers sell

now after I get a quad core with 4 gigs of ram and a 512 meg super vid card

:disagree: :Z

I will most likely stick with xp pro untill it’s dead in the water. Nothing against vista I just can think of better ways of spending my money. For a new look I like to switch over to my Opera browser now and then. Simple and free I know it’s not an operating system, but it does make web browsing a bit different if you get bored of IE.

I’m dual booter myself like some people in this thread. I just love Vista’s aeroglass but the lack of compatibility and DRM/spying is what is keeping me away, otherwise I would have switched in a heart beat.

I’m relatively happy so far with Suse 10.2 X64 …

As it turns out, alot of the crap I used back in WinXP was unnecessary, and I just don’t play games as much as I used to :stuck_out_tongue:

So far, there’s been alot of mucking about with guides whatnot … but luckily, Suse detects everything in my system from the word go, and everything works.
Ati vid card drivers installed first go, and worked properly after second reboot :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve still got a 50GB partition with WinXP to transfer stuff to my nokia phone, and a seperate HD with Vista (but for how long). I don’t know how long it will take me to get away from the M$ monopoly forever, but I think Suse10.2 is the bunny to break the chain :wink:

Of course, my laptop still has vista, so I can muck around with that, if I really want :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi :slight_smile:
I agree 100%. :doh: :iagree: :bigsmile:

I played with RPC2 for about a week and found myself trying to turn it back into behaving and looking more like XP. Turned off all the eye candy and gave all the OS second guessing my every decision the heave-ho. Most of all I loathed what they did to explorer.exe.

Windows is just getting more and more bogged down with superficial crap and hand holding/user intervention.

I’ll not be using it again anytime soon. I have been looking and playing more with Linux these days since Vista was released.

“I’m not sure how the company lost sight of what matters to our customers, both business and home, the most, but in my view we lost our way. I think our teams lost sight of what bug-free means, what resilience means, what full scenarios mean, what security means, what performance means, how important current applications are, and really understanding what the most important problems our customers face are ” — Jim Allchin, Platform Products and Services Group, Microsoft.


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