Poll: to Vista or not to Vista?

Well? You got it? Gonna get it? Wanna wait? Think the MS marketing department is on psychedelics…
It´s …what…for you?

It plays well. Looks good. Seems stable although I have killed it once.

I’m happy with it.

I will still Dual Boot for a while before switching completely.

I broke my Vista control Panel.

But it’s Ok … it’s on a spare HD & I’ll reinstall it later, when I’m done with linux :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m on the precipice getting ready for the leap. :wink:

That’s my plan also.

If you are buying a new PC, and have the OS bundled, sure get Vista (x64) with it.

If you are buying Vista separately (either oem, upgrade or retail) … forget it. It’s XP SP2 with eye-candy & DRM.
Edit I’ve read a few places that if you have WinXP Business, you can legally install & use WinXP x64 Business./edit

At worst, you can borrow someone elses copy of Vista x64, or download a copy, install & use it for 30 days.

You can purchase a key from Microsoft via the activation wizard, if you consider it worthwhile (atm I don’t).

My XP Pro works just fine here so i doubt anytime soon for me.


[B]NFW[/B] Jose-eh!

My fine tuned XP pro with Sp2 is my choice until, at the very least, SP2 for vista is released. After they release SP2, and we all know it will happen, then [U]maybe [U]just[/U] maybe [/U] I will use Vista

Sure i’ll install Vista, when my XP systems are either completely fucked up or not worthy of my attention anymore. That can be years from now of course.

From professional reviews, I think it is time for Linux flavored with Wine or Cross Over. Too intrusive for me, I do not trust anything that can be used to spy on me and not allow me to change hardware around as I please.


:iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

I guess you are saying [B]asta la vista[/B]
or as The Terminator would say Hasta la vista. :slight_smile:

I would not get Vista unless i had to get new PC, which is my situation.
Lots of compatibility issues, both with sotware and hardware.
For instance, I have 2 older printers which wont work with Vista, and in talking to customer support, there in no rush to bring out updated drivers.
So, I bought a new all-in-one, and downloaded vista driver.
Guess what, my new allinone with new driver does not scan or copy (will only print).
Fix is on the way… someday.
What galls me is that it has not been a secret that vista was coming out.
So why werent the manufacturers prepared???

I have it and I dont use it. Why? It lacks any form of innovation.

I love the new icons and folders but as for the rest of it, I can live without it. As long as Microsoft supports XP I will use it.

I do not want the eye candy, for this reason i never installed even XP. I think i will stick with Win2000 at least for the next 1-2 years

Haha this is too funny. I have Vista. In fact, I have two genuine, valid, licenses. I simply have not bothered to input them. And now, it’s been 30 days. And guess what?


Sorry Microsoft. This partition is wiped in 2 minutes.

Where did you get that copy of Vista & what version is it?


You can turn the eye candy off in XP. I’ve done it and it makes the system more responsive.

Right click on My Computer and select Properties, then

System Properties => Advanced => Settings => Adjust for best performance

Same here :slight_smile: