Poll: SOHW-832S vs ND-2510A vs DRU-700A

Ok, so maybe the Sony doesn’t have any bearing in this poll, but I threw it in 'cause I received one for my bday. So which one should I get; Lite-On, NEC, or Sony? If it’s something besides the Sony, my friends said they could return it and get me one of the much cheaper drives and some other stuff as well (like a Plantronics DSP-500) :slight_smile:

Hardware I’ll be using: AMD XP 2400+/Nforce2 Ultra 400/Toshiba SD-M1712 or AMD XP 2100+/VIA KT400/Toshiba SD-M1712. Software I’ll be using: Win XP pro sp1/Nero RecordNow Max 4.5/DVD X Copy Platinum The things I’ll be doing with this dvd burner: Mainly, for backing up dvd movies to SL/dvd5 and possibly to DL/dvd9. Secondarily, backing up games (mostly safedisc and maybe securom), burning audio cds, and general data. But if that doesn’t workout I have a Lite-On LTR-52327S and a Plextor PX-W4012A or PX-W1210TA to use.

I’ve read lots of threads in the general hardware forum and also the Lite-On and NEC forum. Something about Lite-On have decent oem firmware support but pickier with media, and NEC having zero oem firmware support but compatible with more brands of media. I also understand that 3rd party firmware support is pretty good for both? If you have any useful info, please feel free to reply. BTW, have you seen anyone that uses as many slashes as me? Poll: slash, comma, colon, or dash? j/k :bigsmile:

The Sony DRU-700A is a rebraded 832S. So it’s basically a 832S with a fancier Sony bezel, a crippled firmware, and a sky-high price tag. One will always be better off picking a 832S over a 700A.

So this boils down to 832S vs. 2510A, which is identical to the 812S vs. 2500A debate, which has [thread=97482]been extensively discussed before[/thread].

I think you already know where I personally stand on the issue. :wink: The ability to finally switch write strategies for the LiteOn (it had already been done for a while for the NEC) is nudging LiteOn up a little bit with burn quality…

A rebadged Lite-On? Now that I did not know. There’s a $100 difference between the two.

In a similar situation with the SOHW-812S and a NEC-2500A I purchased both, putting an end to that dilemma. The LiteOn being the one which I would purchase if I could only have one. The LiteOn serves me better as an overall DVD/CD writer, reader, and disc scanner as Kprobe works with it. The NEC writes DVDs better, especially with poor quality media which I try to avoid. When I purchased another drive already having these two I went for a NEC-2510A. However, if I could only have one I would go for the SOHW-812S. Enough of my ramblings!

Uh huh. That Sony brand name is pretty hot property thanks to glossy feeling of a big name like Sony. It is not uncommon to see people in these forums recommend not getting Sony because Sony has along ago ceased its CD/DVD drive operations and are rebranding all of their CD/DVD drives right now, usually at a pretty steep Sony markup. What’s more, the Sony firmwares are crippled. Sony requested that LiteOn remove certain features from the firmwares loaded onto the Sony 700A drives. So you’re paying more and getting less.

Posted a link for a review on 5 dl dvd burners. Turns out it was dual format.