Poll : so what you guys think now of WOPC?

as usual…a before and after impression

added another …

eleewhm > You and these polls. You and Kenshin brothers? :stuck_out_tongue: j/k

What about a poll about what we think about these polls ? :slight_smile:

LOL…i wonder what me and kenshin have in common???

I leave WOPC on now, get too many coasters with it off although it does burn extremely fast without WOPC the coasters is too costly. hehe

eleewhm > I’m glad it is finally released as i know you couldn’t let it out. Glad to get it to try it out. It’s more of a novelty tool to me and of course i wouldn’t use it on my back-ups but more just to see how fast i can burn some media. As far as you and Ken go there’s no comparing. I better leave it at that. Ken might ban me :stuck_out_tongue:

A LG GSA-4163B =)

hmmm…agree…rolling56 glad that you are ok…cause i could not do it as it was not in any of the retail pack…so since singapore was releasing the 1625 with the qsuite…it was ok…in that sense…

Sorry off topic:
eleewhm > I did run accross this story about Qsuite getting leaked though by one of our fellow members here > http://www.cdr-zone.com/news/qsuite.html

well…who was that…lol…

well I have used only once wopc off…on my cheap teon 8x dvd+r @12x…PIF were essentially the same in total…200 vs 300…though there ws more at the end…PIE were much higher but in spec and supposedly these do not matter…so if this hold true and PIF stay low…I will use on movies not data backup

i just have to show everyone this!!!

Brand: OEM 8x+R
Type: DVD+R 8x rated
Burned as: Nero Create Data Disc (image 4.36GB, movie)
Burned at: 12x speed
Burntime: 6:15 (no qscan)
Booktype: DVD+R
Firmware: B7U9 with WOPC disabled.

:bow: :bow:

eleewhm > Show off. Thought you was saying " oh no now we see bad scans " and such lol

lol, they could have at least thanked me for it instead of making it sound so sinister as if it is some industrial espionage… :smiley:

QSuite from BenQ leaked early
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Posted on Friday 11th at 01:43 by SirQUK
Source: CDR-info forum

News from the CDR-Info Forum about the eagerly expected QSuite from BenQ - A whole suite that gives the BenQ user full control on exactly how they want to record their discs on their writer. This is not an official release but i’m sure some BenQ users would welcome the chance to play with it a little earlier then they first thought possible.

Anyway, it came out of my retail box DW1625 so it does look like some big leak by BenQ themselves.


btw, it was ‘leaked’ here 1st before anywhere else.


Hey Mac, I thanked you! :slight_smile: sniffles Forgetting about lil old me and my charm and politeness and stuff. hehe

Oh… oh… dear Braxas, how can I ever forget you? You are certainly most welcome to this dastardly ‘leaked’ ‘unofficial’ software.

I will even let you steal a kiss from Monica Belluci the LightScribe CDR (she with just one ‘c’) but I am not sure if Monica Bellucci the femme fatale will allow you one too though.

Click to find Monica again.


Mac > I meant the story was written by one of our members…SirQuk. I don’t think the Internet Police will come after you :wink:

i see ebi ebi… :stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

Thank goodness, I was already packing my bags, ready to run and gosh were they heavy, with all the burners I have collected over the years… Psst, you think I should leak something on the DW1640 or EW162U next?