Poll: Ritek DVD+-R degradation

I’d like to know how many people are having problems with degradation of Ritek media.
If your Ritek media has become unreadable or nearly unreadable over time, that is a very high number of PIFs and slowdowns in the transfer test, then vote yes otherwise no.

Sorry for double post. Also I mean specifically G05 and R03 media, because this is what sold today.

Franksoy on another thread reported that the degradation problem was reported with the G05 (-R kind) not the +R so I am kind of confused :slight_smile:

Personally I never use G05 because it’s -R media and only the +R media can be bitset, and the +R media’s reflectivity is similar to that of a pressed DVD, combined with better tolerance for error, so I don’t understand why would people still use -R unless their writer does not support bitsetting :slight_smile:

Never had degradatio problem with a RITEK DVD+R… Only with FUJI CD-Rs.

My G05 lasted 90 days.

Then it turned to trash.

All of it.

I see no reason to buy anymore Ritek. Now that some 8X Verbatim is turning up Ritek, they are gone as well. If TY ever goes out of business so will I.

Off topic, sorry :wink:

Can I ask you which brand your G05 came under ? Just because Verbatim will be using Ritek does not mean you will get crap - Remember, I have used many brands with Ritek dyes…and found that Ritek’s own brand (RIDISC/RIDATA) to have the worse error rates compared to Ritek based Maxell DVD+R for example. Perhaps companies like Verbatim and Maxell apply a better quality control and will likely reject the known defected discs. Remember not 100% of discs produced by RITEK are crap and will explode after 90 days, otherwise Ritek would be out of businesss… Unfortunately a lot of landfill material is circulating, what percentage of discs are actually decent from ritek, beats me…I suspect that Maxell and Verbatim would b safe (until we start hearing reports otherwise) and to be on the safe side I would avoid completly filling the disc, even on some of the actual verbatim and TYs I’ve seen lately :slight_smile:

I wonder if this is in any way related to quality?


Hilarious… unless you own their stock… or you are the CEO and did not correctly negotiate your ridiculous treasure chest of a golden parachute for when you are booted out.

Maybe the French had it correct after all: Off with their heads, Dr. Guillotin!

Ritek’s own brand (RIDISC/RIDATA)

RIDISC isn’t a Ritek brand, it’s one of e-nets brands.


Ridisc is not a Ritek own brand :disagree:
Ritek own brands: Traxdata, Ridata, Arita.

Now for the topic: I’ve already reported that I found fast degradation (unreadable in a couple of months) with G04 and G05 under most brands (Ridata, Arita, Ridisc, unbranded, Rimedia) except Maxell and Traxdata discs that seem to be real A-grade stuff, at least the ones I have.

Printable G05s seem the worse ones, some died in two weeks.

Once again, I add the precision that I experienced this problem with discs bought this year. My G04 burnt in 2004 were thouroughly tested recently and they are in great shape. :slight_smile:

I haven’t heard of fast degradation with +R Ritek discs yet. I never used any so I can’t vouch for them, but considering the time I spend on this board and others, I think I would have noticed already of any complaints about R03 degradation… :confused:

Some Amazon users have noted problems with R03s but it is not clear if they were related to degradation. I have about 200 R03s and so far they are OK. The last batch would only turn out decent burns at 4X so I am done with them. The only thing I will buy now is YUDEN000 T02.

Hmmm. No more TYG02 for your LG. Guess once you have a 0 PIF burn there is no need to test that MID anymore.:bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, the reason is that the +R will burn much better at 8X and I kind of want to burn at 8. Also, I have enough TYG02s left to keep trying for another zero PIF for at least another year. I have to burn about 100 discs of a local event around Christmas and I just bet I will get another zero at least once before I run out.

Hehe. I wouldn’t be suprised to see another 0 PIF scan if it’s the same batch, and I totally agree that YUDEN000 T02 is the only way to go for me as well. Even Verbatim doesn’t seem to be able to keep up although it would be my second choice if I was forced to make that decision.:slight_smile:

oops - I should know better :slight_smile: Somehow I confuse the two, I meant RIDATA… I don’t know why I wrote RIDISC, I guess it’s the RI part :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is anybody here who has contacts at RITEK USA…And put some sense into them - They use some of the best printed surfaces out there, I think they put more quality control over the print surface than the recording surface :slight_smile:

Can anybody confirm whether it is Ritek that does the applying of the clay surface ?

My Ritek R03s have about a 20% failure rate after 18 months. My Ridata Ritek G04s were very consistant with a 100% failure rate. I have plenty of much older “junk” media that’s still perfect. If it says “Ri” it’s not for “I”.

How about “Ridata is not for my data”. I smell a contest. :bigsmile:

How about :ZRITEK makes me sick! …LOL - my R03 were garbage … hot from the burner … 4 different burners :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m asking about degradation over time, not about bad quality media in general. Your example doesn’t count. I hope you didn’t vote with “yes”.

Under what brand? I’m asking because I’m trying to survey if there are no complaints of degradation with (non-printable) Traxdata-branded G05s… :slight_smile: