Poll Question: What warez-cd is by your opinion the best available?



See the topic, let's all reply to find out...

I'm trying to find out which warez-cd is the best out there compared with the price and quality etc. And which one is most popular.

You should make a pick out of these:

  • Twilight
  • Crazy Bytes
  • Maxxx
  • Blade
  • Tazmania

Thank's, this should be very interesting.


Twilight is good. Usually everything on their discs actually works. The upcoming MAXX release look really good, though I have never used a MAXX cd beforeā€¦


blade !!!

This great pack is back with great cds, good filled lists an a izi 2 use installr, so take blade !, Our No# 1!



TL 46 silver CB 48 silver Blade 6 silvr all availabe from stock!