Poll On Laser Labeling Use

ETP: would you do me a favor. As I have no clue how to do a poll with this boards software would you make one (in a correct place) asking how many people would actually use laser labeling. So far I have not seen it taking off big time.
Thanks Bk

OK! This is my first poll, so lets see if it works! Several people are wondering if laser labeling is worth the effort and cost in the burner selection process!

My vote is no! LOL

Hi :slight_smile:
I see I’m the first to vote.( Although you say your vote is no, can you not vote in your own poll etp, as I could only see 1 vote at this time).
I voted no, becuase it’s overpriced (media) scarce (media again) slow (it’s implied for best/longer lasting images to repeat process) & finally the end result just doesn’t do anything for me.
For these reasons I’m trying to wait for a BenQ 1650 rather than have the 1655. I know the drive is essentially the same. I’m just hoping they leave out some of the LS stuff, with the rapid/better f/w support that has been the case in the past. Not that I want to see those who have taken the plunge with the 1655 stuffed. I’d just like to justify the waiting for the 1650.

I just voted no for same reasons as above.

I use it with my two drives:

BenQ 1625 - Lightscribe
NEC 4551 - Labelflash

I love it :slight_smile:

I just started using it with my 4551.
It needs some tweaks but it’s just new, so improvements will come.

Overall it’s good to see competition in this area, at last.

The only true market for this gimmick is in those who are not already set up for disc printing. Most people who are already set up will want to see something BETTER than printing, and Lightscribe isn’t. It’s slower, mono-chrome, more expensive, etc.

OK! I voted! Same reasons for no! A Sharpie is clear, fast, and cheap for me! But if you needed a professional look for others to look at or you were producing disks for others then I would say yes. But the color printing would be a better presentation in that case!

I voted yes because I obviously have a 1625…in contrast if my ip5000 came with the ability to print labels directly on disk as the euro versions do, I probaly would have never got one. I do think its good that you can add to the design after printing it, but also it takes a lot of time to make one…(the printing)
The only time I find myself wanting to use one is when im backing up one of my movies that have a nice label on the pressed disk, then I scan it and print…
but for most disk I just use a Ptouch label maker because it saves time and im also able to buy higher grade reg disk’s instead of spending extra$ on lightscribe disk. I do hope they come up with a color solution though maybe with three layers of color (rgb)? that the laser could burn at different strengths to get a desired color image, that would be nice but prob wouldn’t work exactly like that.

Yeah, I have an ip4200 modified to print on discs. So going monochrome would be a downgrade.

edit: also the fact that the laser label is water proof doesn’t make up for the fact that you can’t get the data side wet.

I voted no because I use a canon IP5000 to print directly onto the disc in photographic quality. It’s fantastic to have multicoloured artwork on your favourite disc’s.
I think lightscrbe has come along to late to make an impact onto the market although I believe it will hang around for some time.

Thanks Etp: As I thought laser labeling is not all they say it is. I saw it sort of floating around in space and not many are landing on it. It will be interesting to watch as the poll grows. Another guy feeling of mine (who said older people were stupid) is that people want quality burns above all else, not fancy bells and whistles :iagree:

well put…i just bought 12 sharpies gor $6.25. much cheaper. i think this serves only those that want to make a custom disk for home movies or pictures of vacations.

eric, how did you modify your canon to print directly on cd’s? Is yours a U.S. version? It sucks they had to remove that feature for the U.S. market when there is obviously epsons that have that feature intact here in US.(Im just not a fan of epson qaulity or lack of to be percise(opinion) I would love to have had this feature on my ip5000(great printer)but was upset when I found out what they did… :doh:

Yup its the US model. Its pretty simple, involves removing a piece of plastic that blocks the cd tray from entering the printer. If the printer has not been setup on the computer, the printer can be put in service mode and the country of origin changed, then when installing the printer the operating system will allow cd/dvd printing. If the printer has already been installed, a simple reg hack will enable cd/dvd printing. Thirdly, you need a cd/dvd tray to insert into the printer, its possible to build your own, I tried that and am sorry to say I failed, but another way around is to modify an epson cd/dvd tray to work with the canon (that what I did), a final option is to buy the tray (ebay mostly).
search for the ip5000 here:

The service mode for the ip4000 and ip4200 is different so make sure you read the correct one. I modified the tray with a belt sander, material needs to be removed from all four sides. I started initally removing the large portions by scribing the plastic with a utility knife and a straight edge. There is a template for the tray with locations for the reflectors. Also there are like three or four revisions for the canon tray but I think they will all work.

edit: I just noticed you have the ip5000, there is a very long thread on that forum and I think there is a shorter simplified verion, but anyway your printer is hacked the same way the ip4000 (not like the ip4200). :slight_smile: