Poll: Microsoft won E3

I just posted the article Poll: Microsoft won E3.

A survey of readers at CNet appears to confirm what should’ve been obvious to anyone that watched the big three console makers’ press conferences: Microsoft is the king of this year’s E3.


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Yep, M$ always looks good at the shows, but then the bugs creep in - same as with Sony, NDS, Wii…

I was more impressed with the sony wireless controller than natal TBH!

okl yeah i’m bias, but when you’ve got a dude standing there with a sword/basball bat/golf club/gun in his hand, it did look pretty sweet!

i just felt that natal was a bit too smooth, and whos to say its going to run as smoothly as their well presented video? i’ve seen many a game look awesome in ads, only to be very poor! lets also not forget that sony have been doing this with the eyetoy for a while now!

Congrats to them, they had had some amazing games/hardware coming out

nintendo didnt have much, but some interesting fit game, which was expected and sony well there controller will fail , only to haves loyal ps3 supporters out there that will buy it cause its a sony not for what it can do and sony will probably charge a fortune just like the cost of a ps3

we can all bag out $icrosoft but they totally ruled that show.

The most anticipated game modern warfare2 to be played on the 360, enough said.

Well that about covers everything I guess.

Please share with us the immaculate bug-free products you’ve contributed to the world.