Poll: LED colors

Which is preferred?
The LiteOn red LED, or the Sony-method flashing green LED, used to indicate that the drive is writing a disc.

Every optical drive I’ve bought in the last several years has been a lite-on and I don’t understand something that uses different colors. The old colors are how they should be (though I think orange and red are reversed on the 52327S):

Green - Reading
Red - Writing
Orange - Burnproofing

One thing I just considered while I thought about why they may have changed it: people who are color blind. Perhaps the old option (different colors) should be provided as a standard, while the new scheme (blinking LED) provided by LiteOn or Sony “official” firmware that can be flashed at the users option.

Whoops… graduate student in psychology – I should’ve known that. :slight_smile: 10 percent of the population thinks that green is red.

Good idea you have, though – make it default to the old colors and have an option in the firmware flasher to switch it to blinking green LED.

Either that, or make it yellow, blue, and white (anyone can distinguish those three).

Question: why did LiteOn put a red LED in a drive if it is never going to light up?

because it gives the led, a extended life of a trillion years. and red can make you see things

Red r0x0rs!

I love the purple Philips led. :iagree:


Did I mention I like the RED/GREEN LED method. :wink:

Come on Lite-On. Keep your community happy. Bring back the RED/GREEN LED!


:slight_smile: :rolleyes: :cool: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: :o :eek: :iagree: :bigsmile:

Hehe :), I left that out because once you’ve got the RED and GREEN, you’ve got the ORANGE by turning both on together. :wink:

back to the topic, i’d prefer blinking red for writing :slight_smile:

solid red give the sense of freeze/blocked operations.

Or C0deKing, in your screenshots of the tool for ledfix, you made for the 1673 (or those writers with only green led) the ability to chose the method for each operation, is it possible to make such options for all drivers? give the users the ability to select for each operation (Read/Write/Eject) what color (Red/Green) and blinking (yes/no)…

It’s all possible but it depends on whether you want it this year or not. :p:)

Maybe in a future release… :wink:

i like the RED/ORANGE/GREEN…

Can I choose another solution
Blue --> reading
Red --> writing
Green–> disc in drive

I don’t think this will be true, due to the high price of BLUE LED. :slight_smile:

blue led is used in Memorex F16 dvd-writer. get it if you want a blue led.

The real “colour freaks” have tried replacing the bi/tricolour LED with a pair of standard 3mm ones, angled into the front lens.

The definition I’d give to the LED used is tricolour, as it is a 3 wire that enables red/green/both (orange) to be energized easily.

The older red/green bicolour was a TWO wire device with the red and green elements in inverse parallel - AC drive was required to show orange on those.

So with the freeform pairs, or with other tricolours, you could hardmod to…
RED/BLUE - Purple

Some serious case modders would probably do it!

Good sample so far.

I want to mod my burner, but I guess that voids the warranty. However – drives are so cheap now that it doesn’t seem like a real deterrent. I know how to solder and have done LED swapping before, but only on externally accessible things like cases. No idea how hard it would be in the litey.

I have a 1673S though – so does that mean even if I put in a tricolour LED or some kind of kludge that the hardware will have no way to control what colour comes out of it?

I may still think about putting in a blue LED though, or maybe even UV.

human eye can’t see UV light… so the UV led will be useless :slight_smile: