Poll for the week: Format for your movie viewing



Ok today’s poll is about watching movies at home. What format do you use, and are you watching from physical disks or from ripped files?

Multiple choices are allowed, but if you watch primarily from one source choose that one.

Edit: And just to be clear, playing from an optical drive would mean using a physical disk in either a drive in a computer or in a stand alone dvd/blu ray player.


Oh, and if you’d like to give some details on why you use your current method, feel free to post that in the thread.

I personally rip to the hard drive and run both blu ray and dvds from my htpc. Easier than finding and working with the disks.


I primarily use DVDs ripped to a media player or hard drive . In my case I have a harddrive in a Rosewill dock. This is connected to my main TV via USB. It has a noticable improvement over DVDs from an optical drive . Although some might dislike the slight blank screen when it changes vobs . This setup has an even better picture than the DVD player that has upconvert & can be set to 1080P (the TV shows it as 1080P on its’ info).
Unfortunatly the TV doesn’t show the resolution from the USB Media mode . So all I have are my eyes to judge the picture. To me it looks better. I now find myself ripping burned & compressed DVD’s back to this harddrive because they look better .
I have converted some video to MKV & MP4 both look good when played from the harddrive . I would do it more but it takes my dual core processor quite a while to do the conversion. I did download a couple of HD MP4’s to test the quality & the were definately better that what I usually watch.


The scaling ability in today’s T.V.'s,Players or Receivers have come a long way. One can take a backup copy of their blu-ray for example and repack it into a MKV,MP4 or AVI container. Keeping just the movie and one ACC or AC3 audio tack. Your file size can be considerably smaller, but you better have a Quad processor or better to re-encode or you will be waiting a long time.



Excellent idea for a poll Kerry! :iagree:

I mostly watch HD movies via satellite but I’m getting increasingly into Blu-ray and I’ve noticed I’m using DVD less and less recently.



I rip with DVDfab to make mkv’s. Very easy to use. An play them on my LG BD390 bluray player. Or stream using Nero Home.


I mostly watch from HDD files using VLC or sometimes Media Player
I have about 20 HDD’s full of movies now and a docking station that works for me.

I can watch several movies in a row without having to find and change disc’s