Poll for next application to be ported? :)

Maybe moderators will bash me for that, but it may be nice to know what application you all would like to get ported next bei Nero for our beloved OS. :slight_smile:

Here’s my Top3:

  1. Nerol Vision Express 3 (still no decent DVD-Authoring for Linux)
  2. Nero Cover Editor (I know Linux has some good ones already :))
  3. Nero Sound Trax (to complete the NeroLinux burning solution)

I would definitely go for cover editor. I really haven’t found a really decent one for Linux yet. Which ones were you referring to? Vision Express would be nice too, although I don’t do a lot of DVD authoring, I know that there are a lot that do.

Recode 2.

I’m not sure wich one I used a while ago, could be kover or gcover:
The app was good enough for a fast cover with pics and text. Since I use the Nero Cover Editor in a VMWare I can hardly remember :slight_smile:

My vote for Cover designer.

I would vote for cover editor :slight_smile: There are enough CD cover editors but NOT for dvd cases. At least couldn’t find them

I vote for DVD Shrink, I think the chap that wrote it did some work for Ahead.