Poll do you own or plan to own a Benq?

ive noticed alot more questions popping up on the benq…do you think it warrents its own forum?
how many have a benq drive?

I have a DW-800A that I think is a great burner.
I would like to see a seperate forum for the BenQ line.
I would also like to see some “firmware tools” be developed for these drives. I wish I had the ability to do it…

hmm well so far only 4 say they even have one or plan to have one so i dont think they will start a new forum for the 4 of us…hehee

Well, thanks to comments in this forum, I am now the proud
owner of a DW822a. So that brings it up to five :wink:

Yes, i have a 822a, too. nice one!

hmm 12 votes yes…getting higher…

Just picked up an dw822a myself; it’ll be interesting to see how this dual layer issue is handled.

I am plannig on purchasing 822 or the upcoming 830 and would like to see a Benq or better a forum on Philips based burners.

I agree theres alot of interest in phillips based burners…

I’m the owner of a BenQ DW800A, i’m very satisfied with this drive so count me in!

I am NOW an owner of a DW822A for about 2 weeks. I have tested the following drives over the past two months and I my state that the BenQ is the best of the group and NEC being a close second.

Khypermedia (DW800A) (stock)
Lite-On 811S (stock)
Lite-On 851S (modded for media)
NEC 2500A (modded)
Pioneer 107d (modded)
I/O Magic (DD0401) (stock)

BenQ DW822A (stock)

I agree, we do a Forum of our own !!!

I’ve owned one for about a week now. I had a Benq DW800A and LiteOn 811S. I am about to give a relative my Benq DW400A. I certainly would consider buying their 16x/4x-DL burners when they hit the market!

I am guessing that the latest version of Nero – – might even support the drive but can’t be sure.

Will be trying the NEW version on Nero today. Will let you know if it works !!!

BitSet does word correctly with the NEW Nero .10 version.

I also have one DW800A with dual firmware B3C7. It works perfectly.

Now, I can backup all my HDD data into few DVDs. I also can backup all DVD-Video movies like The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings etc …

I’d like to know how long does it take to have a separate forum for BenQ drive?

It should be very great!!:o

I’m now owner of a BenQ DW822A and i’m very satisfied with this drive. Before I had a DW800A with dual firmware B3D7. It also works great.

Right now I have a Cyberdrive DX082D which is Phillips based and it works great. I am waiting on the 830 before I upgrade to the Benq.

FYI - The Global BenQ site has a forum at this page and then to the right. I believe it even has different categories like dvdr storage device, dvdr media, etc.


A also see where the DW830A is listed on the US BenQ site now.

Nero says the 822A has been supported since version Works fine with my drive. I have version

I second that. :bigsmile: