Political forum?

hi, was wondering if we could have a polictical forum, political discussions currently take place in the living room, but i think the living room is to “light hearted” for polictical discussions.


ben :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t think it would be as big an issue as to have it’s own forum.

In one simple answer: No.

Experience has shown that not many people are able to properly engage in a political discussion without it turning into a flamewar (read the political discussion policy, it was installed for a reason).

Only once in a while someone tries to engage in a political discussion and everytime the moderators have to closely watch it not getting out of hand and sometimes bite their nails to remain neutral.

So, due to the very few political discussions that arise and the fact that 9 out of 10 ends up in a fight, there will be no political forum as long as I can help it.

ok, i understand, my “bin laden video” forum, eevn though it is highly controvrsial issue, has kept toggether nicely, cant see a single angly post/flame. :bigsmile:


ben :slight_smile:

Cough.bs…cough…you sure about that it was kept together nicely? Your thread was closed because of this witty reply.

IMHO this is just not the forum for this type of nonsense. This site is about optical drive/software technology. If you want to discuss politics go to a political discussion site.

I’d be curious to know just how old some of the people are that post in the political threads(other forums). They need to come out with some sort of Forum age verification system like Adult Check for porn:D. I think the political threads in any forum would be a little less out of control.

it was going ok, untill that guy started flaming, when i posted it was going ok it haddent yet been closed, and was going pretty well, but a few people had to come along and wreck it, so it had to be closed as it was no longer constructive.

CDFreaks is not just about cd drives and technology, the living room can be about anything, i was suggesting havning a political sub-forum coming off the living room.

anyway, was only an idea.


ben :slight_smile:

There are and always be people like that.
I guess my point was proven once more…

It’ll look awkward to have a political forum here. You can create your own forum if you want to. If it works very well, maybe CDFreaks can also do the same. :slight_smile:

I’d rather like to see a baby forum. So that we mothers and fathers can share information on feeding and raising babies. :slight_smile:

It is not a bad idea…I enjoy reading and debating :wink: your stand on things. It is just that there are too many aholes in the world, and yes the Living Room is for any subject.

i think though when discussing politics, you should listen, and try to respect the views of eveybody, even the a$$holes, unless they are trying to influence other people with there views, i think most things should be allowed to be said, i also think that if a thread gets out of controll, a mod should just delete the posts upto the last point when people where talking properly.


ben :slight_smile:

Ben, try to set up your own “political” forum and see what happens. It’s all to easy to lose your friends and even then get threatened if you don’t under an anonymous name (most CDF accounts use anonymous names.)

It’s not fair to close a thread when not everyone has done something wrong. But in the real world, there’s not a best way in such situations.