Polish version of Windows 95



Hello people

In order to install about 50 pc’s in Poland for educational use we are in need of a Polish version of Windows 95. I post this message for a foundation that helps people building up their lives in southeast Poland. You understand that in order to cut costs for the foundation, we need this version as cheap as possible. (best would be free) I think we could help the children in this country very much by giving them a chance to get education in computertechnology and the use of a PC. So we would be very pleased with your help. So if any af you know how to get this version we would be very pleased. (downloadable for instance)


ummmm. I don’t know if there is a Polish version. well there maybe but i have never seen it!?? But to make sure you can contact Microsoft and ask them and then you could also ask them to sponsor you. I know that may sound weird but M$ do sponsor things like that because they have lots of $$$$$$$$$.
Hope that was some help


But, i just remembered that M$ do not support Windows 95!!! Because it is out of date! Sorry i forgot that


Well i do know there is a version but i need a place to get it lol