Policewoman sued over film piracy

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  Quakester2000 used  our news submit to tell  us about an important and for the movie and music industry, useful condemnation  on criminal activities connected to piracy. BBC reported on friday,...
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28 Years on the Police force, huh? What the hell was she waiting for to retire, and then get into piracy full-time… Dumb Biotch… Whatever the excuse, its never right when you sell copyrighted work… Ive seen stiffer fines for sharing music freely…

ya, whats up with that? i dont really care if the police pirate stuff- but they should get the same punishment as we do- bastards.

Yep justice for all!!!

yes indeed dude…justice for all…if normal people do this them we must pay a lot of dollars…but a police women…some punishment…where is the world going to:(

Maybe you miss the point here; the punishment does fit the crime! The penalties for Copyright breach are way out of proportion. The MPAA and the RIAA and the like don’t seem to have to prove any loss, just an inflated prediction of what their loss would have been if they had been able to sell the same number of Pirated Movies to the same customers at grossly inflated prices! The penalties they,(MPAA etc.) they would like, are draconian and far beyond community expectation. This case just goes to prove all the Copyright warnings on the front of DVD (easily removed by 'Pirates" by the way) do nothing to prove their case to the Populace, they would be more convinced if the selling price reflected a true, 'cost + mark-up", price that was more in line with commercial reality rather than 'charging what the market will bear", knowing their goods are overpriced and trying to beat their customers with a stick to buy them! The production cost of a DVD movie (including jacket & case) are now well under one dollar each, and in most case the movie box-office take has well exceed it’s production cost! It is time for to get some sanity into the argument, if Millions are spent enticing people to watch a movie and then put it beyond their reach, as soon as someone comes along who can fulfill that need at a price they can afford you can hardly blame them for taking up the offer!

Mate, police all over the world are bitches and bastards! Here in Australia they are a pharking nuisance…waste of tax payer’s dollars…

I wonder what would have happened if she was a college student? It seems to me she was given preferential treatment because she was a police officer.:r
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I really dont know whether she was given preferential treatment… People who get arrested up here in NYC who sell the bootleg CD/DVD’s also get the same penalty… Its hard to put someone in jail for such a petty crime when the jails are already over populated with real criminals who are violent and pose a public safety risk… Keep in mind that this was a criminal case that she went before a judge on, there may also be a civil suit in the works where she would have to pay back some restitution to the MPAA for her crime…
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