Police raids homes of 12 people in Iceland for P2P piracy

I just posted the article Police raids homes of 12 people in Iceland for P2P piracy.

GristyMcFisty reports us that the police in
Iceland have this week raided the homes of 12 people
for using the DC++ file-sharing software. According to The Register the police

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9156-Police-raids-homes-of-12-people-in-Iceland-for-P2P-piracy.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9156-Police-raids-homes-of-12-people-in-Iceland-for-P2P-piracy.html)

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Seeing that Icelands total population is less than 300.000, it’s not that strange. I didn’t know Iceland had high-bandwith lines, though. I mean, you don’t share 2,5 TB on a 1mbps line…

must ve been the son&friends of the Providers boss :slight_smile:

uh, it’s not that hard to figure out people hear about the raids right away, spread the word and everyone gets scared and quits DC and other p2p software for awhile -> traffic drops

I’m an Icelandi CD-Freak … These 12 guys were the operators of a Closed-Circle of 100 people in Iceland called Asgardur… When the arrest was made ( simultaneously at all places ) the Asgardur-Hub was shut down and the all the other DC++ Hubs were taken down immidietly :r Internet traffic in Iceland dropped about 40-60% percent since then because all in Iceland people have to PAY for all downloads coming from outside the country, and the DC++ Hubs we only domestic-hubs. Where do you get the news-flash on this anyway ? :S

Come on guys! It means that 40% of Iceland were accessing these 12 guys PC’s, obviously due to the fact that they had files everyone wanted. Although that must mean, broadband or not, the bandwidth must have sucked! :g

I don’t really know how this kind of people can really think to be above 'the system". It’s completely normal what happened in Iceland. If someone shares gigs (or teras!!!) of data someone will look for him that’s sure… Does anyone really think that someone can share teras of legal stuff? And does anyone really think that 'the system" will let you share so much stuff for so long without an inspection?