Police officers caught copying movies escape prosecution

I just posted the article Police officers caught copying movies escape prosecution.

It is quite common for large cooperation’s to carry out audits of its employee’s PCs such as to check what content and software they have loaded as well as of their Internet logs to see what…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14478-Police-officers-caught-copying-movies-escape-prosecution.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14478-Police-officers-caught-copying-movies-escape-prosecution.html)

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Hahahaha, I guess this proofs once again that this a widespread phenomenon. Did anyone here work in a company that ever got caught? I wonder if the fines are as high in every country cough China, Vietnam cough

@ IkbenHenk You should have a doctor look at that cough.

So, it’s okay for the police to do it but not us.

The Public Service at work - pirating digital media! Lol! Time to get an Anti-Piracy Terrorist force onto this!

Gosh, who would’ve thought that police were people just like everyone else! I wouldn’t have; I thought because the organisation dealt with law somehow every single person working there would automatically have the highest morals of any people, and would never ever act like a normal person! Haha. Big deal over nothing, except that they get away with it it seems. Why not do what RIAA do, and just pick out a few weaker ones and make “examples” of them? Please, both sides of this situation sicken me.

@BitRate Isn’t that the RIAA and MPAA? :+

Agreed with RazedSecular. Casual copyright infringement is nothing. Practically everyone does it. Nobody cares. I knew a guy who had his house raided by the cops (in Australia) and they found all his warez (not what they were looking for). Did they bust him for it? Hell no! They asked him to make copies for them! This stuff ranks down there with jaywalking. Sure there’s a law against it, but the cops have better things to do than enforce it. And if they’re not going to enforce it, why the hell would they abide by it?