Police Hungry Little Boy Tried to Sell His Teddy Bear For Food



This just breaks my Heart.

And to think Prince Fielder who got hurt so he cannot play baseball anymore will still be paid 106 million.

There is just something wrong with things like this. A baseball player get paid millions felt on his contract, while we have a 7 year old boy trying to sell his Teddy Bear because he had not had anything to eat in 7 days


Yes, knowing that there, at any given time, are millions of kids that would do the same if they had a teddy bear in the first place is even more heartbreaking. Then we’re at the about a billion and a half who strives to not die every day simply because the western world won’t allow them out of their poverty and I agree, it is nothing but a tragedy.


We (the USA) gives so much money to other countries but have people going hungry here at home. Yes, it is a sad thing for sure.