Police follow footprints in snow to suspect's home

GREENFIELD, Ind. — Police investigating a home burglary reported by an 89-year-old woman arrested her next-door neighbor after following footprints in the snow to his house.

Maj. Derek Towle of the Greenfield Police Department says the woman heard a noise in her home early Tuesday and confronted a man. The suspect snatched her purse before fleeing out the back door of her home about 20 miles east of Indianapolis.

The Indianapolis Star reports officers called to the woman’s home spotted footprints in the snow outside and followed them to a home where they found the missing purse with its contents still inside.

Police arrested 23-year-old Andrew M. Reeves, who was being held without bond on a burglary charge at the Hancock County Jail. It wasn’t clear whether he has an attorney

This guy does not need an attorney he needs a brain surgeon to give him one

Anyone that will rob an 89 year old lady needs to spend a long time in jail to contemplate just what a POS he is.

I am not sure it things like this are worse than they used to be or just that they now make it on the news. I wish she had a gun and used it on him and I think we have to many people with guns now days but in this case I sure would not loose any sleep had she shot him

Unfortunately this dumbass in my step brother. Good job Andy on throwing what little life you actually had down the drain. All you did was steal from people and get high… Now your going to go to jail and not be able to see your son… Was it worth it. Btw…it’s snowing. Did you not think of the footprints you were leaving behind…or we’re you too high.