Polaroid shows off new instant print digital camera



I just posted the article Polaroid shows off new instant print digital camera.

Polaroid has made yet another valiant return to the camera market, but the actual demand of its latest offering is still uncertain.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/polaroid-shows-off-new-instant-print-digital-camera-29252/](http://www.myce.com/news/polaroid-shows-off-new-instant-print-digital-camera-29252/)

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Why would I want a 10 pack film thing for a digital instant camera? I can get over 1000 pics on a 4 gig memory card for my Canon XT DSLR and I have lens choices and all kinds of adjustments.
Almost every cheap digital camera takes some kind of reasonably cheap memory card these days that you can work with on any computer.
Maybe it will do OK with the non PC folks but unless the “film”/memory card thing is practically free whats the point. When I used my film cameras the max I could take per roll was about 36-38 pictures then I had to change out rolls and do it again.
Then take it all in and have it developed which cost time and money, and sometimes they would loose your film:a
I’d take maybe 100 shots after a full day then end up spending 100 bucks to get it all developed. Now I check it out in camera and dump the bad shots right there and once I pay for a memory card I’m done spending money.
The expense now is ink and photo paper and I don’t think it’s that bad in the long run.


At $1 per print it’s like the old film days. Careful how many you shoot. I suspect this thing will die due to operating costs…